Limited Items 【Ringdoll】limited doll Bai Zhi and promotion event!

Feb 26, 2020

    1. Dear DOA!

      Ringdoll limited edition Bai Zhi is releasing!
      Bai Zhi is a limited edition from Eudallords vie for The throne series .

      Limited quantity: 30 Fullset overseas

      New doll activity:

      * During Feb 26,2020 to Mar 15,2020, ordering Bai Zhi full-set/Basic doll 12% off!

      Full-set: 786 USD (event price:691.68usd)
      Basic doll: 549 USD (event price:483.12usd)


      * Body and resin color in pictures: RGMbody-3, normal skin;
      * Dealers can take part in the activity.
      * Layaway is acceptable. For more: [email protected]
      * The color in the image will be slightly different from the actual product, please understand.
      * It takes 120-180 business days for production before shipment, if the cloth and the accessoires is complicated, the time will be longer, please understand.

      Contact: [email protected]

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