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Update 【Ringdoll】Order Kylin to get Gui Xi(Ghost Seal)for free!

Nov 15, 2016

    1. Kylin from China Reading x Ringdoll(Yuzuo Culture)
      the link to website:RingDoll
      Kylin is a limited edition,designed from a classic character-Kylin Zhang from the well-known novel Grave Robbers'Chronicles(also known as Daomu Biji).
      The limited period for order is from 11/15/2016 to 02/21/2017,only in China.


      #1 Robert, Nov 15, 2016
      Last edited: Dec 20, 2016
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    2. Hi, I would like to order, but the website will not allow me to do so. Also have sent email...waiting for respond...
    3. I think it's only possible to order for who lives in china .. :)
    4. Hmm... I have a friend in China who also can't access the ordering, it just won't add to cart...anybody else in China experiencing this problem?
      Or could it be that they have not started the sale yet? :huh?:

      @Robert, please check the company's website cart config...maybe there's something wrong technically
    5. Hello.The ordering on the website can not be accessed,since his stock was set into zero and can not be added to your cart.Kylin is available for order only via Ringdoll official domestic store in Chinese.
    6. Dear friend,because the copyright it is related,our Kylin is not allowed to sell beyond China.The ordering can only be done via Ringdoll official domestic online store in Chinese.
    7. In that case, can I get the address and phone number for this store? Thanks
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    8. Will just the head be available or only fullset?
    9. Order Kylin to get Gui Xi(Ghost Seal)for free
      the link to website:
      Gui Xi(Ghost Seal) is artifacts from the well-known novel Grave Robbers'Chronicles(also known as Daomu Biji),which have two versions: Ling and Fu.Ling was used to command ghost army while Fu could be used for opening the ultimate Bronze Gate.

      Kylin Special Event:

      1.Order Kylin limited fullset,can get Ling for free,the orders before the event are also included;
      2.Fu is only available for those who order Kylin fullset and the price is 45USD;
      3.Both Ling and Fu can not be purcahsed separately.

      1.Pls contact [email protected] if you want to add Fu to your Kylin order;
      2.The event can not be combined with Ringdoll Christmas Event.

      pls contact:[email protected]