New Doll 【Ringdoll】Ringdoll new girl Aya in 68cm released!

Mar 18, 2016

    1. Dear DOA :)
      Today I'd like to share our new girl Aya's preview images!
      And the event gift bunny for Easter!
      Aya is 68cm size. She will be released during next week!
      And the bunny will be the gift for our Easter day event!

      Hope you would like her~!
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    2. Are we going to be allowed to buy only the head? :aheartbea:love
    3. Yes of course, this time the girl won't be a limited! More info please contact: [email protected],thank you for asking!^-^
    4. pardon me for bothering you but i was wondering if you could elaborate on what your Easter event is going to be and how it will tie into purchasing the event rabbit? i already have your Easter event rabbit from 2016 and would love to be able to purchase this new little rabbit to have the two as a set together ^-^
    5. Aya(68cm) has been released at Ringdoll.

      The link:

      Both Aya basic doll and fullset are available for order. Skin color for option:normal/white/tan.

      There is an event for Aya release:

      2016.03.22-2016.04.20, 8% discount for fullset
      2016.04.21-2016.05.20, 4% discount for fullset

      The original price is 660USD

      Bunny 2016 in the pictures is not included in Aya fullset.

      It is an event gift for our Easter Event during 2016.03.25-2016.04.25.

      Join in the event on:

      The accessories in fullset can be purchased seperately .

      Layaway is acceptable.For more,please email to: [email protected]

      Contact:[email protected]
    6. Dear friend,our Easter Event has been announced.Please find more on
    7. The page for the fullset outfit doesn't list all the pieces included so I just wanted to ask is it everything she's wearing (including shoes)? Thanks in advance :)
    8. Yes.As official pictures on her outfit page shows,it includes pink outer dress,pink inner dress,blue tights,pink belt with bowknot,blue stockings and pink hairpin with fringe.
    9. Thanks very much for the prompt reply!