New Doll 【Ringdoll】Shen(grown size)and Chen(teenager size)with ancient Chinese style were released!

Dec 22, 2016

    1. Ringdoll Preview

      The upcoming two dolls of archaic style are Shen in grown size and Chen in teenager size.

      Their clothes are ancient Chinese style with Chinese embroidery crafting.Embroidery is rarely used in BJD because of high requirement about craft and skills.But we make it this time.To improve hard texture where thread is embroidered,different floss have been tested and the most expensive one with the softest rayon was chosen.The crafting process is even with greater difficulty,with changes more than seven times,what we desired has been eventually made.
      Please kindly note that what shows in picture is not the final effect.Our artist is still working on adding fantastic accessories for them.

      Shen & Chen are estimated to be released as non-limited dolls in January,2017.Their outfit with embroidery will be available for separate purchase then.

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    3. Pictures Preview-Shen(grown size)and Chen(teenager size)with ancient Chinese style for this January

      In addition to the offcial pictures preview,we are sharing more with you today.For characters,Shen was goblin while Chen was human being,they encountered and became acquainted with each other later.

      We also have interesting story in filming earlier.It took more than one week to film them in forest and by seaside rocks.Guess what happened?Our 5DMRKIII was unfortunately drawn into the sea by the tide waves when these pictues were exactly being taken.Then it collapsed.We tried our best to fix it and eventually saved part of pictures.Fortunately we are so happy with their effect.

      Hope you would like them too.If you do,please share it with your friends.
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    4. Update: more pictures for Shen&Chen
      release date:Jan.16th,2017
      New hand type for both grown and teenager dolls will be released as well(see picture 4 ).
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      Shen and Chen were released:

      Release Event
      1.Order Shen/Chen basic doll,can get Chen/Shen blank head for free.
      2.Order Shen/Chen fullset,can get Chen/Shen outfit for free.
      It can be combined with Ringdoll Spring Festival Event 2017:RingDoll

      1.Skin color:normal/white/tan for option.
      2.The outfits contains Chinese embroidery crafting and it is available for separate purchase.
      3.The other accessories in the fullset can be purchased seperately.
      4.Layaway is acceptable.For more,please email to: [email protected].
      5.It takes 60-90 business days for produciton before shipment.

      pls contact:[email protected]
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