Event 【Ticket Info.】Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box 2019 Winter Convention

Jul 23, 2019

    1. Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box 2019 Winter Convention will be hold
      on 2019. 10. 12 Sat.


      It is very exciting to share with you that our 2019 winter convention's tickets are on sale now!

      ↓Premier vendors this year↓

      We will also launch
      the 2nd Issue of <Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box - Dolly Magazine>
      with COCORIANG and Lado,HandmadeAddiction cover stories.


      The magazine also includes:

      Interviews with Freedom Teller & Arakunem*
      How to identify your Blythe dolls & changing eyechips by Lin's Doll
      Hsinchu & Taichung doll shops
      World dolly events! Shanghai DollyParadise & Moscow Dollscar.

      ↓The donations & lotteries for 2019 Winter Convention↓

      ↓Event Exclusive Workshop - Little Books of Specimens↓
      with artist Weien Lee


      ↓Where to buy tickets↓

      Etsy Shop
      Partner Store-JiWu Bookstore
      Partner Store-Hua-Shi-Yun