Event 【VOLKS】Dollfie® 20th Anniversary Project - Dollfie®☆The Best Selection

Feb 17, 2018

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      The coveted "Dollfie® The Best Selection Poll" returns for the Dollfie® 20th Anniversary Project!
      Your votes will help decide future Dollfie® releases!

      This is our 3rd time conducting this poll!
      However, we've extended the choices for the entitreity of the last 20 years!

      The VOLKS Doll Design Department will collect survey responses from customers and Dollfie® fans around the world to see what they would like to see re-released!
      We are looking forward to receiving your feedback!

      1st Round of Voting Period
      February 16, 2018 - March 16, 2018 (JT)

      1st Round of Theme
      Super Dollfie® Limited Models

      SD, SD13, SDGr, SD16
      Dollfie Dream® Character Models

      Dollfie Dream®
      Outfit Brand

      Omukae (Welcoming) Outfits

      How to Vote
      Please select your 3 favorites and vote!

      Best Selection Poll Rules
      You can vote once a day. (1 vote per day, per person)
      ※ Ballot stuffing, voting more than once a day and etc. may cause all your votes to become invalid.

      ↑ Survey Translation Guide ↑
      ※ Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Location/Residence menu to find the Overseas locations! These options are in English.

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    2. I know this might be a stupid question but could you please confirm that after selecting the dolls we should click

      I've no way of determining it otherwise and one of your dolls is my Holy Grail and I want it very very very very much :abow:
    3. I would suggest to use chrome, and let it translate the page into your language.

      Anyway, yes, after selecting the dolls you have to press a button at the end of the page.
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    4. That button says "Vote" btw
    5. You can use google translate to take a picture of it (via phone) in case automatic translation doesn't work.
    6. Do you have to fill in the customer survey for your vote to count?
    7. I was told no you don't have to for your vote to count.
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    8. exciting

      For the vote does that mean they will rerelease exactly the same doll or just the same sculpt but different style?

      Because my grail is black peace now Sara as she is, but if she won the vote is it going to be SD sisters sculpt in a different outfit and style and same makeup or exactly the same but on the new body?
    9. Someone said there's info on the page that as far as the licensed dolls are concerned (like e.g. Victorique or the Rozen Maiden ones) the re-released dolls will just be the same sculpt with a different style (which sounds kinda logical since they'd have to shell out money again for the license). I don't know about the others.
    10. Oooh I would actually love to see re-styled versions of the licensed dolls! Does anyone know if other sizes like MSD/SDM or SD boys are going to be in another round?
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    11. After voting two days, I realize I may have misunderstood.
      I have been choosing 3 of the Dolfies for my votes. Is that ok?
      Or are we supposed to be voting for one item on each page??
      Now that I see that the outfits are to be voted for I have to be sure I do this correctly. ;)
    12. You have been doing it correctly. You have to select 3 or it won't let you vote.
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