Event 【VOLKS USA】Dollfie® ICON 2020 COLOR

Jun 20, 2020

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      VOLKS USA is proud to announce that Dollfie® ICON is returning in 2020!

      PINK - Happiness
      YELLOW - Hope
      GREEN - Peace

      Dollfie® ICON colors your life
      with even more vibrant beauty.


      Lottery Event
      July 1 to July 10 @ 10AM (PT)


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    2. I understand that the mermaid/elf ears secure magnetically but do they go on top of existing human ears? Or are there magnetic human ears that first need to be removed? Or are there no human ears at all?
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    3. I'm glad to see these girls back, especially online!
      but I was under the impression that the first release was to gauge interest and that's why the skeleton was only one colour, and it gave them an unfinished prototype look.
      Is colour matching frames completely off the table in the future?
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    4. If you go to the website they say "The resin Head Decoration Parts are magnetic for easy attachment and removal."
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