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New Doll 【VOLKS USA】Dollfie® ICON

Jul 22, 2019

    1. [​IMG]



      VOLKS USA is proud to announce that a new line of Dollfie® will be born.

      Daringly stylish and striking, Dollfie® ICON is Influenced by contemporary fashion currents.
      Dollfie® ICON is a celebratory statement of the creativity and innovation that people create when inspired by each other.

      Dollfie® ICON is a fusion of
      Dollfie Dream® and Super Dollfie®.
      By combining Super Dollfie®'s the facial expression,
      DD III internal frame and soft vinyl body...
      Dollfie® ICON is a unique creation that lets your dreams come true.


      Learn More about Dollfie® ICON at our special site!


      « VOLKSUSA.com/dollfieicon/ »
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    2. Dollfie® ICON will be debuting for the
      first time at this years Dolpa in LA 4 -2019-!

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    3. When does sales start ;)
    4. Will you only be able to order at Dolpa or will there be online sales too?
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    5. Wait these have vinyl bodies(DD III)...are they gonna be off topic or also considered "grandfathered" in?
    6. They are grandfathered in. :)
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    7. I just asked VolksUSA about the skeleton/joint color. They replied that the images on their website are pictures of the final product.
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    8. @VolksUSA Will there be an option to buy matching-colored joints to go with the fantasy-colored bodies, or are they all just going to be the generic DD NS skintone?
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    9. The previous post to yours says they are going to be the skintone color. What is shown on the website is the final product. :(
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    10. @VolksUSA Is Dollfie Icon only available in the US or will it be available on the international site too? Kinda confused because messages say it's made for/because of US fans.
    11. I knew they had said they were the final product, but I wasn't sure if Volks had any plans of releasing matching joints as option parts later on.:pout: