Event 【VOLKS USA】Dolls Party in LA 4 -2019- Dealer's Market

Feb 2, 2019

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      We're proud to announce that we will hosting a Dealer's Market at Dolls Party in LA 4 -2019-

      Enrich the world of Dollfie® by sharing your original creations such as outfits, accessories and more with fellow fans in North America!

      Application Period
      Feb 8 ~ Mar 11, 2019

      Dealers will be able to showcase their creativity and sell their handmade products at designated booths during Dolpa. The talented artisans from all over will all be gathered at the Dealer's Market, why not join them?

      Check out Dealer's Market Information at the link below!

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      More exciting event details are hidden up our sleeve, so please keep an eye out for any updates via our Dolpa in LA Special Site, Dollfie® Newsletter, Facebook page and web-store!
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    2. We are now accepting application for the Dealer's Market in Dolls Party in LA 4 -2019- !

      Please check out our special Dealer's Market website for more information!

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