Update 【VOLKS USA】Dolls Party in LA 4 -2019- Event Update

Apr 12, 2019

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      We've updated our Dolpa in LA 4 -2019- website!
      Thank you very much for patiently waiting everyone!

      We're excited to announce that we have an update with loads of information for our exciting upcoming event!


      Tea Party Registrations are Open!
      We're taking reservations for our popular "Tea Party" event at Dolpa in LA 4!
      Reservations will be available until May 27, 2019.
      New SD Beauty Salon Information!
      Exclusive Super Dollfie®
      services from Kyoto, Japan arrive in Los Angeles!
      • Satogaeri Service
      • Trade Exchange Service
      Hotel Block Reservations are Open!
      Dolpa in LA 4 -2019- attendees will have access to special room rates when staying at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel!
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    2. Sorry for the wrong links everyone!
      I just fixed the links in the post. You should be able to click them now.