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Feb 23, 2018

    1. VOLKS NEWS Vol. 77 Limited Items
      Ice Skates for Dollfie®


      【Pre-Order Period】

      February 23rd, 2018 - March 31st, 2018 (PT)

      Great news for Ice Skating fans and athletes!
      The VOLKS NEWS Vol. 77 Limited Dollfie® Ice Skates are now available for Pre-Order through VOLKS USA!

      The ZOUKEI-MURA and VIRGINAL ART team worked hard to carefully reproduce Ice Skates for your Dollfie® in honor of the 2018 Winter Games!

      These Ice Skates feature real die-casted blades and jagged toe picks. These key features are paired together with realistic lacing to create a perfect scaled replica of the real thing!


      Ice Skates (White)

      Fits: SD Girls & Boys / SD13 Girls / SDGr Girls with Flat Footed Leg Parts
      SD16 Girls with Flat Footed Leg Parts / DDS / DDS Boys / DD / DD Boys / DDdy

      See Ice Skates (White) »


      Ice Skates (Black)


      Fits: SD13 Boys / SDGr Boys / SD16Boys / SD17 Boys / SDGOU Boys

      See Ice Skates (Black) »

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    2. Can you tell us the inside measurement of each of the listed sizes?
    3. The ice skates will be able to accommodate the foot sizes for the Super Dollfie® listed with each specific skate.
      For example feet with the following measurements will fit: White 6.5-6.7cm, Black 8-8.2cm
    4. Reminder! There's only two days left to make your pre-orders!
      Be sure to complete your orders for the Ice Skates before the cut-off time everyone!