New Doll 【VOLKS USA】Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon x Dollfie Dream®

Mar 1, 2018

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      DDS Sailor Moon from the legendary manga "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" is now available at VOLKS USA, INC during our Dolls Party 38 After Event.

      Our lottery event for DDS Sailor Moon and her Super Sailor Moon Transformation Outfit Set has now begun!

      Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a legendary manga which will forever be cherished by fans world-wide! So please take this chance to see her reimagined as a Dollfie Dream®!

      From her simple yet sophisticated costumes, gorgeous accessories, and pose-able body... You can capture her signature brave personality and cute charm!

      +゚☆゚+。★。+ Lottery Period +。★。+゚☆゚+。
      March 1st - March 10th @ 6PM
      (Pacific Time)




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