Update (7/18 NEW CLOTHES PICTURES)About an extension of Sio2Doll Ragdoll Selling time ★Stacy's Pink Ocean★

Jul 16, 2016

    1. Because we started selling Sio2Doll abroad later than the selling in China,The fabric of the clothes was used up.and Sio2 updated two type of hands can be chose,we are allowed an extension of selling time.This period can be extended by 7 days.Don't let this unique opportunity pass you by!
      The new clothes will be finished in the next week(only the fabric is defferent.).I will update the pictures ASAP。

      7/18 New clothes still have two coulors.




      Please tell me which color you would like.And if you buy the full package doll,but don't want the clothes,the total price will minus 80USD.

      About the hands:
      This is the new pictures.


      The default hands is one No.1 +one No.5.Now you can buy them in pairs.(The default hands can not changed,you only can buy them as extra hands)

      If you have placed your order from Stacy's Pink Ocean,you also can add the hands to your order.Please contact me.Thank you very much!

      Sale Page
      Ragdoll (Puppet Cat) Basic:Ragdoll (Puppet Cat) Basic-Sio2 Doll(Limited)1/6 doll - stacyspinkocean.com

      Ragdoll (Puppet Cat) Full Package:
      Ragdoll (Puppet Cat) Full Package-Sio2 Doll(Limited)1/6 doll - stacyspinkocean.com

      I am very sorry for the changes and thank you very much for your attention!
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    2. If I already placed an order, can I change my outfit colour choice? (I want to see the new fabric before I decide)
    3. Of cause.If you don't like the new fabric.you can give up the clothes.We'll refund you 80USD for the clothes.
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    4. I just updated new clothes pictures.
    5. Hi,
      i am still wondering wether or not buying her. One of the "trouble" is that i do not wish to buy a full set when i'm not interested in the clothes but would love to have the resin wig along other option.
      Would it be possible then to add it to the basic set ?
    6. If you don't want the clothes,that is ok,You can buy the fullpackage doll without the clothes.The total price is 548-80=468USD
      But if you buy the basic doll,you can't buy the resin wig.^^
    7. Thank you. :)