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(01/28)DF (Doll Family) Anniversary Event!15% discount & new 70cm, 1/6, pet doll!

Oct 21, 2009

    1. Hello everyone:
      I am the only Agent of DF (Doll Family) on DOA^^.http://www.dfdoll.com/df/index.html

      Anniversary Celebration Event period
      2010/01/18 to 2010/02/28
      DF is 3 year now^0^

      1. 15% discount of 1/3 doll (event pirce:$233.75), a 1/3 pupu as gift
      2. 15% discount of 70cm (event pirce:$306) and 75cm doll (event pirce:$328.1), a pair of shoes as gift
      3. 15% discount of 1/4 doll (event pirce:$165.75), a 1/4 pupu as gift
      4. 15% discount of 1/6 doll (event pirce:$153), a random wig as gift for miyou, a mask as gift for chiyan
      5. 15% discount of 1/12 doll (event pirce:$119), free make-up
      6. 15% discount of pet doll (event price:$80.75).

      Also, we release the new 70cm doll Xuanyue.

      (All you can see the doll details on my DF GO thread:


      Gift shoes for 70cm and 75cm dolls

      70cm doll-Xuanyue





      3 Skin type:
      Normal Yellow (similar as Volks normal)
      Normal Pink (similar as Dollzone normal pink)
      White (similar as Domuya white)

      Working period:
      It takes20-25 days to prepare the bare doll.
      30-35 days to prepare the face-up doll.

      EMS (It usually takes 3~7 business days)
      Shipping cost depends on different location.

      If you have any questions, please fell free to contact me through PM.

      International Buyers - Please Note:Import duties, taxes & charges are not included in the item price nor shipping & handling (S&H) charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying. These charges are normally collected by the delivering freight (shipping) company or when you pick the item up – do not confuse them for additional shipping charges.
    2. Is it possible to get more straight forward bald shots of Lyre?
    3. Event period CLOSED
      2009/11/16 to 2009/12/30

      Activity 1 :
      1. 15% discount of body, extra a pair of hands, you can choose the size and the skin color.
      2. 20% discount of nude doll, extra a pair of hands, you can choose the size and the skin color.

      Activity 2:
      1. purchase reaches $235, you can get a chance of “new doll discount”.
      2. purchase reaches $399,you can get 2 chances of “new doll discount”+ 1 free make-up.
      3. purchase reaches $598,you can get 5 chances of “new doll discount” + 1 free make-up.

      Please use the “new doll discount” in 2009.

      ps. “new doll discount” means when dollfamily produces a new doll, you can get 20% discount.

      The new doll in dollfamily now is Xiangyi, Lingfeng, Lyre.

      Hello everyone:
      This is DF (Doll Family) http://www.dollfamily.com.cn/
      Our new 1/3 boys release!!:)











    4. Is Xuanyue a boy or a girl? And is there a link to him/her on the DollFamily website? Thanks!
    5. he is a boy^^ DF will upload him tomorrow^^
    6. Is it possible to do a layaway?
    7. sorry, don't accept layaway^^
    8. What skintone is Xuanyue in the photos?
    9. it's white skin~~~~
    10. do you have an english site?
    11. Is Lingfeng normal pink or yellow?

      [edit]Ok, the eBay seller (who is probably Catas) sent this comparison picture to me :

      from left to right : normal yellow skin, white skin and normal pink skin

      I just thought it might interest someone...[/edit]
    12. Is this site:


      The original Chinese version of this? ...


      Or, are they separated in someway?

      How do I go about purchasing Fire, shown at DFDoll @ $173 + 35 Faceup + $30 Shipping for 15% Off before Feb 28th?

      At $173 he seems to list for more than Miyo, Qing Cheng & Qing Ju who all sell for $150. But again, these are all DFDoll prices, not DollFamily.com.cn prices, as those are in Chinese. I am not conversant in Chinese.
    13. We have many DF Dolls now in stock. The 70cm doll-Xuanyu also called Moon is currently in transit along with Dawn and Fire & should be in the store any day now. "Tea" the cat is in stock now.
      I received a note from Alice at Doll Family a couple of days ago...

      "Our factory starts to have Spring Festival holiday from yesterday, all of our employees had left the factory for home. So I will send Dawn, Moon, Fire today. And we'll send the other dolls as soon as we come back from the holiday!"

      DF Dolls are high quality with smooth sleek resin & lovely finishing.
      I've found the company easy to work with and responsive to collector feedback. They are trying hard and admire their product and positive attitude.

      We offer layaway
    14. Are there body shots available for the new 1/6 BBs Qingcheng and Qingju?
    15. please give us a english site....
    16. You can view most of their dolls at http://happyhouse4u.com/

      You may also purchase them at the Doll Peddlar website or through Catas.
    17. Just wanted to re-post my question as I'm afraid it got lost in the shuffle of the first page:

      Are there any body shots of the 1/6 tinies?