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1/1 scale (147cm) "Dollche 910" ABJD

Feb 2, 2009

    1. Hey everyone! I spotted this video on YouTube today, and was intrigued. I dug around online a little, and thought I'd share what I found. It seems that because of their size, these girls were better known in the silicone-sex-dolls fandom than the ABJD fandom, despite actually being (apparently resin) ball-jointed dolls. I like them - they're a clear throwback to Hans Bellmer's dolls, and the historian in me is dancing with joy.


      Their website was www.dollche.com, a subsidiary of www.fivestars.co.jp, and sadly the line was discontinued on 12/18/2008. The company also made a smaller vinyl doll (Dollche ZERO) similar to the DD2 and Obitsu 60, but she's off topic for DoA (so don't discuss her in this thread if you come across her online).

      Then again, maybe it's good that they're no longer available. I'd be sorely tempted to get one for the historical value alone, and I don't even know what I'd DO with a 1/1 scale doll. Plus, the very thought of what the price tag on one of these giants must have been makes me shudder.
    2. Wow, she could wear all the clothes I no longer fit into!

      I kinda want one, but she'd be hard to hide when guests came round...
    3. wow)) so nice)) I like big dollies
    4. LOL I have a friend thats shorter than that! :lol:
      I love her, but she would of weighed a tone!
    5. Wow, she's huge o.O
    6. I know, I bet she was ridiculously heavy. Still, she is beautiful, isn't she?
    7. Whoa, shes gorgeous!
      At least clothes would be easy to find, but what about shoes?
      Did it tell how big her feet were?
    8. What a huge BJD! The face is beautiful,but I don't like the legs.
    9. I wouldn't want a doll that big, it reminds me too much of those "real dolls" *shudder*
    10. OMG, she's soooooooo huge...I wonder how heavy she is and the material...can it be as same as the 70~60cm dolls ?
    11. i think she is kind of cool.... glad she is not available because i could never lift her!! my family would definitely think i was nuts!
    12. awesome , surely big for a doll, but very much suited to make my home look haunted *laughs evil*
    13. Oh wow. XD I can only imagine what everyone would say if I got one of those in the mail. Their remarks would certainly not be very nice I'm thinking. ^^;

      I don't really know what to think about her, honestly. Part of me wants to say she's cool, but the other wants to say it's just creepy. Regardless, she is very pretty, and probably taller than a couple of my coworkers, haha. I can only imagine how heavy she would be, I often think my Spinel weighs quite a bit when I'm carrying him around.
    14. I would pay a hell of a lot for one of those. Same reason as you, Kiya-chan. I have been a Bellmer fan since before BJD came into my life. The art of the surrealists completely informs my own practice... so Bellmer has been a major force in my life as an artist.

      But lord, my poor girlfriend.... she'd probably leave me if I even MENTIONED finding one to own. :lol:
    15. I think the notion of having an 1:1 BJD is really cool.
      However, I don't think I would get an 1:1 BJD...
      1. She'd be so extremely huge that it would be extremely expensive to ship internationally...
      2. She'd be occupying my sofa where I watch TV....
      ME: GET OFF MY SOFA!!!!!!!! (PULL/SHOVE...etc)
      DOLL: NO................. It's my sofa (Doesn't move 1cm)
    16. Whoa!!! That`s awesome! But she`d be extremely hard to handle! LOL
    17. omg shes hugeee *____*
      I have no idea where I'd put a doll that big *__*
    18. Impressive, massively so.
      Although, well I'm sure she costs ALOT, I'm curious as to what they use to string her. Must be something like bungee cords. Gosh, can you imagine trying to take her apart to give her a thorough cleaning, then put her back together again. >_<
      But still massively cool, awesome find Kiyakotari
    19. OMG,
      i just saw the video today :X
      it blew my mind away,
      i never knew there was a 1/1 scale bjd :O
      too bad they discontinued them,
      i'd like to know more about them ._.
    20. My first thought was 'where would you be able to find clothes to fit a doll that big?' v.v Thanks for sharing!