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1:12 Scale

Sep 13, 2010

    1. What size/height doll is correct for 1:12 scale (doll houses).

      Thanks for the help.
    2. Pukipuki dolls from Fairyland fit nicely in 1:12 scale, also I think Lati white and Lati white sp. dolls and Felixdoll brownies. But I'm pretty sure about pukipuki's :)
    3. Tiny Elfdolls and Tinybear's Sleeping Elf tiny elves are also around dollhouse size.
    4. Thank you and keep them coming!
    5. If anyone is wondering about whether they can buy 1:12 scale beds for pukifees/lati yellows....most of them are 6 1/2 inches from inner headboard to inner footboard....I contacted many sellers on amazon for different brands, and this is what most of them told me. So it's a tight fit.
    6. Elfdoll tinies eg Min or Bong are 14cm and mature/thin and fit perfectly with 1/12th scale.
    7. bumping to see if there are other ones out there since the last reply. I also need mature 1:12 dolls for my dollhouse :)
    8. If it's mature you want, definitely look at Elfdoll tinys. Dollmore Banji is also an option, but not as mature as they are.
    9. Love the body for Nabiyette! I think my main difficulty with finding mature 1/12 is that they all have baby-like heads :( I'm thinking of going anthro (or casting my own) since I've seen so few mature heads on that scale.

      The elfdolls seem to be nice, though I'll have to go on the secondhand market for them, I think, and get lucky.
    10. I have had Elfdoll Bong in a 1/12th dollshouse and she worked very well as a young adult, in scale with the furniture etc.
    11. Thank you Kayjay!
    12. Elfdoll Sylph with a 1:12 scale desk