1/3 and 1/4 dolls

Sep 29, 2008

    1. Do they look awkard together? Or do they look like the other's kid?
    2. Honestly, there are thousands of threads in the gallery and picture requests that show 1/4 dolls with 1/3 dolls. It shouldn't take much trouble to look for yourself instead of creating new threads like this. :|
    3. Hey be nice to newbies!

      Minis or 1/4 dolls come boths as adults and as children but some SDs 1/3 dolls also comes as children or young teens. I guess it totally depends on what specific doll your talking about.

      Personally I have 4 dolls that are 42 - 43cm and one who are 40 (and clearly "petit" compaired to the others) and one 30cm like Barbie and one 16cm and these are all adults. Then I have a 27cm doll that's like perhaps a 5 year old child. But she would never look like the child of any of the others. Her head's too big among other things. It doesn't really matter to me though and I love all my dolls.

    4. I'm sorry, but I agree-we have thousands and thousands of threads in the galleries alone. So many feature both 60cm and 45cm that if you click randomly you're sure to find one before long.

      Also there are MANY body types of the two doll sizes-a mature mini will not look good as an immature larger doll's child. Think about it-most minis are relatively thin, and what child that reaches to your hip will have a thigh only as big around as your wrist? I never think that they look proper as children for larger dolls, personally.
    5. while i understand why you guys would say this thread is unneeded because of all the photos, i think it's nice to have a dicussion to state actual opinions on the matter that would answer things that photos can't.

      I personally find them a little akward. I had a 63cm boy very briefly and he was just way too tall compared to my DOC Too. They don't really fit the proportions of adult and child. They just look like smaller versions, IMO.