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1/3 bjd high heel feet for elfdolls

Jan 8, 2010

    1. I hope this is the place to post...if it is not please place in the right place. I have several elfdolls , most are females; and as we all know, who own these lovely ladies, they have flat feet or either came with the high heel feet that is a shoe'd foot(no possibility to change shoes >_>). does anyone know of a high heel foot that would fit these dolls from another manufacturer or possibly if there is a way I can modify the flat feet that came with the dolls? Also, if anyone has any suggestions for flat feet modifying to high heeled feet does anyone know how I can get an extra pair of flat feet from elfdoll?
    2. Maybe the Dollmore Model feet? Unless Elfdoll lists feet as an optional part you can buy separately (I know they sell the shoe feet), you might have better luck in the secondary market for flat spare feet. Companies like Dollzone etc also sell HH feet separately but I don't know about matching or size/fit. Some HH feet have a separate ankle piece which is not always included if you buy the feet separately, and this could potentially make it difficult to fit them to your doll.
    3. Please excuse the question, but why do you want the high heel feet? The ED wears high heeled shoes effortlessly with flat feet, but if you want your girl to wear strappy HH shoes it mightn't look natural - the flat foot doesn't curve with the shoe.

      Elfdoll doesn't currently list the flat feet as an option part, but the used to until recently. Perhaps they will again.

      If you want to mod a pair ED flat feet, there must be option feet on the second hand market - the first and second generation bodies had the exact same feet, so it should make choice wider - unless you have a gen 3 body?
    4. Thank you everyone thus far for your suggestions. I will look into the Dollmore company and dollzone.
      The ED flatfeet shoes are not quite what I am looking for. I design my dolls clothes and I want to design shoes that really compliment the outfits. That is not to say the designs I have seen thus far for shoes that the EDs can wear are not cute ;I have several of them but I want to experiment with some unique individual designs that would be spikey HH that I have drawn out.
    5. I'm sorry if I repeat myself, but I want to be perfectly clear: an ED girl can wear 99.99% of any high heeled shoes with her default flat feet. What HH feet would give you that flat feet don't is the ability to look good in strappy high heeled shoes.

      I'm really looking forward to your shoe project - I often find the choice of really good looking shoes for BJD girls to be somewhat poor.
    6. The Dollzone feet fit fairly well.

      Here's my Ryung wearing one with her Elfdoll foot as the other.

    7. That's interesting, I have a Dollzone Linlan with extra high heel feet and an Elfdoll Sooah. Linlans feet seemed so huge I have never tried them on Sooah, guess what I'll be doing later?
    8. Is there a trick as to get the hook on the high heel feet for Dollzone? I can't seem to do it!!