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1/3 scale swords

Jan 17, 2007

    1. I think I just found a site that has some very cool-looking miniature swords fit for SD use. The proportions of the blades look correct (they don't have oversized handles like most letter opener swords), and they look very detailed too!

      Browse by over here and here, they're different shops selling the same series of swords by Art Gladius.

      If anyone orders any of these blades and gets theirs soon, could I ask that you post pictures of one of your SD-sized wards holding them? Strike a good pose, too. ;)
    2. Ooo! I have seen these on ebay! Thanks for the links!
      I really wish they had scabbards... If I manage to get one before someone else does (doubtful as I will have no money for a while) I will post pictures :)
    3. I've ordered a sword from Dollmore, although it's for my fiance who collects swords anyway. We don't have a doll between us yet. >_<
    4. @TonBoko - Sadly, they don't come with scabbards. I guess that's going to have to be a DIY project for someone with the skills and patience to undertake it. :)

      @CirqueMachine - I took a look at the Dollmore swords. They seem okay, but don't some of them look awfully familiar? ;)
    5. :lol: I am slightly lacking on the first and definitely lacking on the second!
    6. Who needs a scabard? Get the big rock! Let your doll be king, too! :)
    7. @Tonboko - I think hobbywhelmed is right, stick it in a rock! They're selling one for that purpose, too. :sweat

      @hobbywhelmed - Eyeing the Excalibur, I see. :)

      I am HOPING that these miniature swords' handles will fit in standard SD hands. I really am. *_*
    8. I will definitely be getting Jaden's sword from there! (When I can afford it *lol*) I'm a sword-fiend, I collect big swords, it's only fair my boys should have some their size ;)
    9. Thanks for sharing. The first link seems to be the place where luts got the accesories for Perennis Lishe.

      I'd love to get the Charlemagne sword for my Petsha hopefully not too big. My husband owns that same sword in human size, lol
    10. Muhahaha! I wanted to get those too! Now I can!!!
    11. I ordered one sword. If it fits my Seionai's hand, I'll be very happy. If not, I just got myself a pricey letter opener. *_*
    12. If it makes you feel better, my husband has a katana letter opener from another company that will fit in my delf girls hands (well, will fit when I get her open styled hands).

      The more I look at this site, the more I like it. Thank you sooo much for finding it!!
    13. Medieval collectables' Crusader sword comes with a sheath. Of course, it's twice the price of the other ones. ^^;

    14. No problem Tonboko. I'm always glad to share my knowledge, however limited! :)

      I'm a little wary of getting just any letter opener sword. I realized that when I bought one of the katanas at Pupa Paradise. Don't get me wrong, they have EXCELLENT service (delivered the goods 5 days after I ordered), and everything was intact (I bought other items along with the sword, like their beautiful hollow glass eyes from Germany).

      I was just careless in looking over the pictures on the site. The sword's handle is way too broad for my SD girl's hand, and the proportions are somewhat off (the handle's definitely made for a human, not a doll).

      That's what made me scour the 'net (via our friend Google) for miniature swords that are SD-compatible. Please post links in this thread if you find other shops that sell such accessories for our resin mini-swordspersons. :)
    15. I ordered two of the swords from Dollmore. They are more suited to 1/4 dolls than the 1/3 and they are quite heavy. One is a repro of a World of Warcraft sword (nice) and the other is Fate: Stay Night replica. The sword/gun set is FF, v.6 I believe, also best for 1/4 scale.
    16. @ Shizen: I'm aware the Dollmore swords are rip offs of Final Fantasy.

      My fiance collects buster swords of all types, and this is one way to convine him that he needs to give me doll-money. ^_^
    17. I have the repro World of Warcraft Letter Opener and indeed it is better sized for 1/4 scale doll. Though I got it from local store in Chinatown not dollmore.
    18. Yeah, I noticed that with the SD model they used on the Dollmore site, the swords looked small. They're definitely more apt for MSDs.

      Now to wait for the Art Gladius miniature sword to arrive... *_*
    19. Ugh now to get a sword that matches mine D: Thanks for the links!