1/3 Telesthesia Dolls

Mar 3, 2016

    1. Telesthesia seems to be relative new. The also offer the dragon doll scuplts. I've read that they have bought the rights from Dragon doll for all sculpts

      They have a lot of dolls in ~ 60 cm range or ~ 70 cm

      Telesthesiadoll official website Welcome! China original bjd the brand

      I loved the Telesthesia SD 60cm girl Bodys and fell in love with Louis.windsor. She has such a cute face.
      I ordered her on angelesque after I ask Carol if they also offer them. There where only dragon dolls sso far on the page until I asked. then she added the TS dolls also *-*
      So know I'm waiting for her. Any idea how long the estimated production time is with TS?
    2. Looking at the discussion for Dragon Doll, it seems as though 1.5-4 months is the norm, although I could be reading much too far into it. Personally, I've been staring at their Zhe Bie for about a year and am thinking about getting him. Their dolls are absolutely gorgeous.
    3. Thanks for the Feedback. Angelesque told me also 3-4 months. Already 2 are done.. half is done ^^
    4. I finally ordered the Telesthesia Zhe Bie yesterday! He's going to come with jointed hands for the event and I'm so excited!
    5. Congratulation. Btw. Yeah another month gone ^^
    6. Will you be posting pictures when yours comes?
    7. Of course ^^
      Just need to wait and have time for a faceup ^^
    8. Still nothing. Seems like the waiting time is longer then expected. I ask for an update
    9. I'm sorry it's taking so long. I hope she comes soon.
    10. Just checked out the site. Why is the site completely empty?
    11. In think they wont update their side after the fusioned with dragondoll. There are a few here but not all. only very few..
      Telesthesiadoll_Dragondoll -
      you can check alicecollection or so to check their dolls
    12. Ok, Carol has clarified it. Due to the fusion with dragon doll some orders are not placed. Like mine.
      Have to wait 60 days again..

      I'm used to it ^^. My first Souldoll Aehael got lost in mail and i got a new one with new 3 months waiting time..
      Maybe you ask them to what happened

      Has anybody got the Normal yellow or pink and could compare it to other companys like Fairyland or other would be fine too?
    13. He shipped! I'm so excited! I got the normal pink but sadly I don't have any other normal pink dolls to compare too. I have a dollzone normal yellow and white, along with magical angel white.
    14. Congratulations. Hope you make pics and tell us how you think the quality is
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    15. I've been interested in the female 65cm body for a few months now, and can't really grasp what size it is - do the measurements of the body fit the measurements they have on their page? Its a bit weird that the body is supposed to be the same size as a Fairyland Feeple65 (even wider around the shoulders and hips), but 'only' has a ~9cm neck :|

      the review on youtube was at least some help to get an overall idea of the body (it seems to pose well!), but I'm really wondering if the hybrid I have in mind would even work...
    16. I have a female 65cm body white skin with large bust. Hope this could help you...
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    17. wu_narcissus
      Unfortunately, all photos are gone. Could you please reupload them?
    18. My boy is a Telesthesia And Dragon. He is a 72cm New Moon sculpt and I absolutely adore him. I have not seen much about the company, nor have I met many people with one of their dolls. It's refreshing to see others who have a Telesthesia And Dragon.
    19. They have such pretty sculpts. I wish they were more well known.
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