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1/4 DollZone girl in Dollmore clothes?

Mar 9, 2008

    1. I'm getting a DollZone 1/4 Feilian and I wanted to get here some clothes from Dollmore, specifically these: http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=3259

      Does anyone have experience with DollZone 1/4's and Dollmore clothes that could give me their opinion?

      Thanks!! :)
    2. Since you have to assume the shorts fit their own minis:

      Kid Dollmore Girl
      - Height : 43.5cm
      - Bust : 18cm
      - Shoulder : 6.5cm
      - Waist :15.5cm
      - Hip : 18.5cm

      Kid Dollmore boy
      - Height : 43.5cm
      - Bust : 18cm
      - Shoulder : 6.5cm
      - Waist :15.5cm
      - Hip : 18.5cm

      Dollzone Girl
      Height: 44cm
      Chest: 18cm
      Waist: 13cm
      Hips: 17cm

      So the shorts would be 1.5cm looser on a Dollzone girl.

    3. thanks so much!! does anyone have first-hand experience with DollZone in Dollmore pants though? any problems or anything?
    4. I have a DZ boy and I buy my doll clothes from dollmore. I bought him some pants and they fit him fine. If they fit a DZ boy, they should fit a DZ girl, I would think.
    5. Another good place you can get clothing is Dream of Doll. I bought an outfit from there not to long ago that fits my Shoyo from DZ.
    6. I also have a similar question about Dollmore clothes, would they fit alright on a Angel Of Dream Wang Zi doll? Does anyone have any experience with Dollmore clothes on Angel Of Dream dolls?
    7. The top was fittin well but for bottom, u might need to make some adjustment to it, the waist part is bigger for Dollzone girl
    8. I am planning on getting a DollZone boy and I love Dollmore and Dream of Doll clothes. It's good to hear that both clothing lines fit DollZone pretty well.
    9. I got my DZ girl some dollmore loose socks and then grabbed my DOC girl some leggings. I found that the socks and leggings fit DOC well but are definately a little loose on DZ legs.
    10. Aren't the leggins a bit short too?

      I made a pair of leggins that fit my Lati Blue girl perfectly but they are a bit wide and short on my DollZone girl. Not wide in the legs but around the hips and but.

    11. Aw the shorts are cute. xD I think they'd fit...different company stuff work as long as the measurements are close. - nods- already said, but eh. xD;;