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1/4 Fantasy Doll feet!

Dec 11, 2008

    1. I just bought a Fantasy Doll (fdoll) body for one of my boys. I like the body, but the feet are huge! I mean freaky huge! He can't wear any of the MSD sized shoes I have. I don't really want to sand his feet, I would rather just find some shoes to fit. Does anyone have one of these dolls and can tell me where to find extra wide shoes? Thanks!
    2. Resurrecting this thread... has anyone been able to figure out if there are shoes that fit a Fantasy Doll 1/4 boy? I just got one and his feet are gigantic! :o
    3. We used to carry shoes that fit the FDoll 1/4 boys, but we stopped working with that manufacture. There was someone on eBay selling the same shoes, I think they called them 'Big Head' shoes. On my last trip to Hong Kong I purchased a pair of boots from a small BJD shop that fit. I took a look at them and there are no markings, so I don't know who made them. If I ever find out I'll be sure to post here.
    4. i know it's not an awesome possibility but you could always switch his feet with another compagnie. it doesn't really have to match since they usually have shoes on. I borrowed kid delf feet from my kd girl and they are doing the job. he can stand both with and without shoes.
    5. I had the same problem with mine, and now he is wearing SD girl converses.

      It feets pretty well, looks a little big, but the feets are really huge at the beginning. Anyway, I like it this way. ^^
    6. I've been using american girl dolls shoes. They are just a little bit big, but not overly so.