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1/4 vampire dolls

Mar 5, 2008

    1. I was wondering dose any one know of any good companys that make really cool vampires dolls i own a DZ Yuri and Yumi and a DIM Benetia.

      Thanks for your time and help and if this is in the wrong place very sorry :sweat
    2. Kirill is a vampire, don't remember what company makes him. And there are vampie Minifees. :)
    3. Kirill is DOC but I think the Elf was limited - was he a vampire? I believe they only have humans now.

    4. The only Vampire MNFs were limited Shushu Elf & Shiwoo Elf.
    5. Angel of Dream makes a Mini Vamp...his name is Chi and he's really cute. *biased*
    6. Dollzone makes one, and you can have it as a boy or a girl. Yume/Yemei is the sculpt
    7. Thank you all I will look at them to see them thanks so much ^_^
    8. X-2 also makes vampire dolls, they're from the same people that make Dollzone! :D
    9. Ok thanks so much :):):)

    10. Orientdoll makes some. Orientdoll vampire Il is in my avatar.
    11. Does anyone have any pictures of their vamped out MSD's? I'd love to see them!!! :aheartbea
    12. Technically, the AoD You is touted as a vamp sculpt, but he does lack the fangs that other vamp sculpts have. The could be added easily enough, if one wanted to, I'm sure. ^_^
    13. Thank you all for your help ^_^
    14. I have photos of my MSD Vampires I own so far I can post some in the gallery for u if u would like :):)

    15. http://www.dollmore.net/
      i know they have a Bella doll if your in to the Twilight Series,im not sure if it's in stock or not though
    16. X-2? Do they have a site? Where can I see their dolls?

    17. Hi I am also looking for a vampire doll but i would like the teeth to show has anyone found a mini doll like that. i read the posts and i will look at the suggestions
    18. I've got a MNF vamp elf Woosoo... she's awesome ;)

    19. AoD's Chi has teeth that show; it's part of why I bought him (though not as a vampire) :)
    20. Here is my AOD custom Chi..kind of thinking about selling him.