1/6 doll less than 7'

Dec 13, 2016

    1. Hi there! Please, refer me to the childlike dolls sized 6-7' and smaller. Are there any?
    2. i am sure they are alot smaller than 1/6 there is a scale of 1/12 like in fairyland or luts or even other companies 6-7 is prolly between 18-16 cm like in luts they are called tinydelf and in fairyland they are under the line pukipuki or lati yellow in lati doll just search them up and i am sure you will find a bunch of good ones ^_^
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    3. Aimerai QT Kids are 5 inches :D
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    4. Thank you for your help! There are a lot, I see now. Maybe you know some with a disproportionately large head?
      They are so cute :love