1/6 jointed hands?

Nov 16, 2017

    1. It's a long shot but I'm just wondering if there's any company producing 1/6 jointed hands? Would love a pair for my yosd doll.
    2. Doll Legend does.
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    3. @scripple @Kittzel
      Awesome! Do you guys happen to know if the skin colour match with Resinsoul white skin?
    4. I didn't know that existed, thansk for sharing ! Do you know with what companies the skin colour the resin matches / are close to ?
    5. I've only handled the Magic Time "normal pink" resin, and it was very pale pink... Couldn't compare them side by side, but I think it's probably similar to my partner's Dollmore in normal skin (2016), which is also pink-toned and quite pale. "Normal yellow" is probably Volks-like? And I've heard that Resinsoul's WS is really paper-white, in which case I'm *guessing* the MT white is a little creamier, but that's just going off of having seen the one pink doll and comparing to their company photos.
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    6. Thanks for your responses @Kittzel. :)

      @mis.created Maybe, maybe I'll contact them to know (since I don't find any information on their website) and let you know if they effectively do. ^^
    7. I've been looking for some jointed hands for my yosd doll too! Thanks everyone, for your "handy" advice lololol
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    8. Doll Legend at Alice's Collection sells 1/6 sized hands.

      Doll Body : Alice's Collections

      They are located in the Doll Legend Body Section, at the bottom of the page. I've purchased several pair in white and pink resin. They are beautiful, expressive, and sturdy hands. They are perfect for a boy, since they are a teensie-bit large and rather masculine looking for a girl.

      I'm not sure what other resins they match. I put the hands on my DollFamily-H 1/6 sized boys, and the resin match was perfect.
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    9. They look great but I'm not sure if the resin will fit RS resin tho.
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    10. I've been looking for small jointed hands, I'm so glad I came across this
    11. Wow I didn't realize they made jointed hands so small! I'm half tempted to get a pair, but does anyone have pics of the hands on a doll?