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1/6 scale boys with small heads

Aug 17, 2009

    1. I'm looking for a 1/6 scale male with a small head, one about the size of a Soom Mini Gem. Any ideas?
    2. I dont think there is one ,Souldolls boy sold out ages ago
      the resin Azurlite ( I think he was called ) Unoa Lite is a little smaller than that size ..is expensive and quite rare

      Hujoo used to have a couple ..but I havent seen them on the site for some time
      ..Notdoll ..I think they tried one ..but again
      I dont think its available
      there are boys ..but not with the smaller head
      my Zack is smaller in comparison to Bracken , but not ..what I would call fashion doll head size

      I cant think of any more
    3. Notdoll Labs sells Roxydoll Yohimbin, but he is meant to be a companion to Pandora or Miriam and they are a bit smaller than a mini gem, so he may also be smaller. I don't know why Soom doesn't make a small guy; I would definitely buy one, especially a tiny Sabik.
    4. There used to be Souldoll Kimmy, but he's been out of stock for years. :(

    5. I agree, Soom should make a boy Mini Gem. I think my Uyoo will be satisfied with my Orientdoll Tae, at least for the time being.