1/6 Scale Stuffed Toys

Mar 14, 2021

    1. When I have some savings again, I’d like to find some plushies for my Mystic Kids Christina- does anyone have any recommendations for where? I checked Etsy and some other places, but searches pretty much just turned up more clothes. I’m not looking for anything too complex, maybe a teddy bear?
    2. What search terms are you using? That could be causing your lack of results.

      I pretty much buy things like that when I see them so can't help with specific sellers, but scads of tiny toys crop up on eBay and Etsy al the time. For example, I just searched for "tiny teddy toy" on Etsy and came up with 8 pages of results to look through

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    3. depending on what kinda quality plushes you are looking for, I'd say check out your local stores' keychain area or in the children's aisle, maybe even baby section cause there are some cute little creatures for tiny humans? And this is probably the weirdest suggestion: pet toys can be amazing doll-sided companions. (I've seen some cute things while looking for toys my dog would enjoy)

      Etsy wise, I just searched 'small plush' and it brought up so many cute things ><)
    4. For high quality (collectible) stuffed animals, I love Steiff. They're amazing.
      You'll have to do the math on the scale you're looking for or determine what heights interest you for different animals, but there's a huge and lovely selection on their website.
      Like I love this awesome giraffe myself!
    5. Re-Ment has a LOT of 1/6 scale stuff including toys and the occasional plushie, there’s also blind box plushies but their size can vary a lot between 1/12 all the way up to almost 1/3 (I’ve gotten some cats this way that are basically to scale squishmellows for my msd). Calico critters aren’t exactly plushies but they’re flocked and I think the kids and twins would work well for medium sized stuffed animals and the adults for larger ones...
    6. I have never seen Re-ment make little plushies. Can you show me an example? I can't find any
    7. I follow a lot of artists on Etsy who make small dolls that look like plushies for bigger dolls :3 here are a few!


      Hope these help in your search! They are great artists!
    8. If you like American brands of stuffed animals the World's Smallest line of toys made care bears and a few other miniature stuffed animals that scale fantastically with


      I have one of the bears and can take a snapshot of it with a doll if you'd like. I even have my mom's mystic kid Lillian at my place as a model :)
    9. i have seen “World’s Smallest” brand Care Bears that seem like they would be a good size!
      Calico Critter babies/toddlers can be good toy props too, despite not actually being plush.