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1 Piece, 2 Piece High, 2 Piece Low, or 3 Piece Torso, which do you Prefer?

Jun 4, 2008

  1. One Piece Torso

  2. Two Piece High Torso (Ribs joint)

  3. Two Piece Low Torso (Hip Joint)

  4. Three Piece Torso

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    1. Dunno if this has been posted anywhere, I couldn't find it when I searched. If it is, please feel free to move it. :D

      Alright. I was looking around, and noticed all the different torso typed on the dolls. It occurred to me that it would be interesting to know which type people seem to prefer most, and why. So:

      It's a simple little discussion that I think would be very interesting to know. :D

      I`ll go first.
      Which type of Body type do you prefer? I Prefer the two piece high joint torso. I`ve had a three piece torso before, and it just didn`t do it for me.
      For what reasons? Aesthetic, mobility, simple preference, ect.. I think for Mobility and Aesthetic reasons. I Really like the look of the high torso joint, and it gives kind of a slouch that`s not a deep slouch. (I`m getting a dollshe soon, so this should be fun. :D) I also found with my three joint (Domuya Flexi Perennial ) that it was almost too much mobility. She was floppy and just too much for me to handle. A little too much effort for me.
      What do you feel are the pros and cons of each type?
      I think... the pros of a low two part would be the showing off the chest and back ability, no high joint to interfere with tats or anything. I`ve never considered getting a one piece, it just .. doesn`t sit well with me. Almost unnatural (I feel) With the two piece high, I feel there IS a limit to mobility that can be achieved with a three piece torso, but it`s all relative to your experience. :D
    2. --Which type of Body type do you prefer?--
      I only have a 3 piece and I like it alright, I'd prefer a 2 piece high.

      --For what reasons? Aesthetic, mobility, simple preference.--
      I like the pose range for a 2 piece high, but I can imagine my boy sitting that strait always.

      --What do you feel are the pros and cons of each type?--
      *2 piece high- Prettiest / not enough posing ability
      *3 piece - Best Posing / Ugliest
      *1 piece - best for making the doll look realistic / no posing, childish looking
      *2 piece low - No pros / ugly, posing in weird place

      I always thought the 1 piece looked really odd and childish... the jointed ones seem to have more definition and look more adult. The high 2 piece is the prettiest to me because I think the poses look more natural and the joint looks fine, because there is definition on a human chest in the same place. 3 piece has the most posability, but the low joint looks weird in the middle of the back curvature. I will never like the low 2 piece.
    3. I and two piece are pretty and all, but THREE-PIECE TORSO FOR THE WIN!!!!

      sexy angle poses plz.
    4. Which type of Body type do you prefer? I prefer the 2 piece torso (high).

      For what reasons? Aesthetic, mobility, simple preference? All three, actually. I like to make my dolls slouch- especially the boys. It makes them seem more, manlier? In my opinion, lol.

      Aesthetically, I like the rib torso because it looks like a natural cut off at the ribs- it also makes the torso look more natural than just sitting straight. Also, it makes for great low-rise pants.

      What do you feel are the pros and cons of each type? I've had both the high and the low 2 piece torso, and have also played with a 3 piece doll. With the low 2 part torso it was difficult to pose, but was better for shirtless/skimpy top shots. With the high 2 piece torso there was a lot more to work with posing-wise. With the 3 piece it slipped a lot, making it a bit difficult to pose, but once you got it posed it was great. Also, my mom even mistook the lower joint torso to be sculpted underwear! :doh
    5. Well - I voted 2 piece high, but I really don't mind a one-piece torso, I seldom seem to make much use of the torso joints on any of my gang.

      If it si a split totrso, then I prefer the split to be at waist level, but most either do rib or hip and rib is preferable of those two.

    6. Which type of Body type do you prefer? Solid.

      For what reasons? Aesthetic, mobility, simple preference. I'm much more into the looks of it, than posability. And I like it when I pick the doll up holding it by waist, there's not much bobbling around ;) I have a SD10 solid torso, Orientdoll SO and Bambicrony one-piece and those are my favorites! My second favorite would be 2 part with high joint. I only had one doll with low joint, MNF girl and that joint of hers was completely useless, it just wouldn't move anywhere, always snaps back. So I'd rather she had none.
      Choosing between 2 parts with high joint and 2 parts with low joint, I'd definitely go for high. Because that at least works to help with sitting positions and standing.
      I would imagine 3 piece is quite hard to control... And I really don't want so many separation lines on a torso.
    7. I'm looking into my first bjd and her modle comes in only two styles, single and 2 (high I think).

      From what I saw the 2joint seemed more real to me, I havn't seen a 3 joint though... I am wondering how this will effect how clothing sits on them, anyone know?
    8. No dolls yet! But looking at the pictures of a one piece and various 2 pieces ( haven't seen a 3 piece yet, picture anyone?) and what I'd personally choose, I like the 2 piece high best. My first dollie will have that structure~ Reason? The cut looks more natural as people have said since humans normally have notable definition there and the cut allows some movement. I like moving things XD
    9. Hmmmnn, well I voted 3 piece, for it's posing ability( especially when sitting down), but I also like the look of the high 2, but I have a doll that might actually look better with a low 2 ( shirt off). All I know is I HATE the 1 piece.
    10. I only have a Two Piece High Torso on all my dolls so its all I know, but I like it fine and it suits me well.
    11. I like the two piece hip joints and the three piece bodies best. My dolls with the low hip joints tend to have good range of motion.
    12. Which type of Body type do you prefer?
      3-Piece by a long shot!

      For what reasons? Aesthetic, mobility, simple preference.
      All of those! They get awesome posability and I prefer the look, too.
      I like being able to move the top and the bottom. You can twist them,
      bend them, etc. I don't mind the others, but I prefer 3-piece.
    13. Which type of Body type do you prefer? 2-piece high joint, but the 3-piece is a VERY close second.
      For what reasons? Aesthetic, mobility, simple preference. All three reasons mostly, but my aesthetic reason may be different than most. I like the high joint because it is very noticable and doll like. I enjoy the realism of these dolls, but I also enjoy the fact that they're dolls. It makes them more surreal, I guess.
      What do you feel are the pros and cons of each type? I own a 2-piece low joint, and though I love the doll to death I HATE his body and posing. He's so stiff and unruly, and that joint does absolutely no good when it comes to natural posing. It helps him sit and that's about it. If he weren't tan I would have replaced his body a long time ago. :x My minifee is the same way and her body makes me go :vein
    14. I find two-piece low joint is best for the aesthetics, but three-piece wins out for me in the long run. Nothing beats the poseablility you get there :3nodding:
    15. 3 piece, you just cannot beat the poseabilitiy, like hunching over.
    16. Which type of Body type do you prefer?
      2 part torso, joint at ribs.

      For what reasons? Aesthetic, mobility, simple preference.
      Because it's easy to handle, well-balanced and poses naturally.

      What do you feel are the pros and cons of each type?
      Non-jointed torsos are stiff and unyielding, it's often hard to get them to pose sitting.

      Two part jointed torsos (rib joint) are my preferred type of body, as mentioned above.

      Two-part jointed torso with the joint down at hip level might work for people who want to dress their dolls in revealing clothing, but I find them little better than non-jointed torsos with respect to poseability.

      Three part torsos are a nightmare! Too fiddly, too flexible. Of course it may differ from maker to maker, but the ones I've had I didn't like. I don't like to fight with a doll to pose it, always having to reach under its clothing to get the body parts to sit right. My Dollstown Seola was given to flopping over sideways, which I found annoying.

    17. I feel that the 3-piece torso is a bit of an overkill, and most of the natural posing range can be done with a 2-piece anyways. I have only Delf boys and sometimes they're just too stiff with the hip joint, but at the same time I do like the aesthetics of having a non-jointed chest.
    18. I like two-piece midriff-jointed bodies best, followed closely by three-piece bods.
      Not to keen of two-piece low-joint, though. While the unbroken torso may look nice, I handeled some low-jointed bodies whose joint was more or less useless as there was almost no motion range.
    19. What's most interesting to me about this thread and poll isn't the jointing question (I absolutely without hesitation prefer the double-jointed torso. The Dollshe boys are pure resin love for me because of the extra articulation in the torso. In cases such as my 44.5 Limho boy, he is single-jointed at the hips and if he were double-jointed I would say that he would be PERFECTION!) but rather the question of ball-jointed doll nomenclature.

      As more and more joints are added to our beloved resin, I hope that descriptions and definitions become streamlined. How exactly should we refer to a double or single jointed torso? Nothing at all against the original poster, but the descriptive terms being used here don't feel right to me. There are "hip joints" and there are "breast/chest joints" torsos are non-jointed or single-jointed or double-jointed. To me. :)
    20. I'd say I prefer either 2 or 3 piece torso. I definitely like some range of movement over none, but it also depends on the looks of it...
      So, the pros and cons would be pretty much on the range of movement in my opinion.