10% off Dreaming doll in our shop!

Jul 10, 2016

    1. Hello, we have our special event to promote Deaming Doll sales in our shop ^_^
      We are official dealer of Dreaming Doll since 2011.

      July 10-August 1 - you can order any Dreaming doll BJD (full doll or body) with 10% discount from us.

      Terms of promo sale:

      1) 10% off any doll (from base doll price only, make up and other options without discount)
      2) You can use our layaway up to 3 months with our 10% off offer.

      If you have any questions - PM me or mail us [email protected]
      English ordering info
      English order form
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    2. Last days! Till August 1st!