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100% hand-crafted doll "Qian Yue"

Nov 6, 2005

    1. Hello~
      I'm new here :grin:
      I am from Hong Kong.
      This is the doll I make by myself.
      Her name is "Qian Yue", she is 58cm tall.
      Thank you for viewing.




    2. Wow, she's beautiful! You are very talented!

      -- Andi :)
    3. Hi Andi
      Nice to meet you ^_^
      I am very happy that you like her
    4. ~She's great, I love her eyes and her elf ears! :D And welcome to our rowdy bunch, I hope you like it here!

    5. she's lovely! you did a very good job, I'm jealous! :D
    6. She is very lovely!

    7. Pretty...
      I like her. Very cute.
    8. I love her expression. She reminds me of someone.. She's cute! ^-^
    9. She's adorable and her body looks like it poses amazingly well. I love those double jointed knees. Beautiful work. Are you going to be producing her to sell?
    10. She's so cute. You are clearly very skilled.
    11. hi there!!
      I am from HK also !!! She is so cute!!
      You done a great job!!!
    12. what great knees! She's awesome! :D!!
    13. You are very talented! She is so beautiful!

      I love her double-jointed knees and elbows!

      I hope to see more pictures of her soon :chibi
    14. nice.... i wonder wat size it is and is it for sale :P
    15. Hello,
      Nice to meet you all ^^
      I am glad to share my works with you.

      Haha, I love her ears too. It is one of the most trouble part of the making. I am now making the mermaid ears...

      I am so glad that you like her ^^
      This is the first time I make a doll, so I really have many things to be improved.

      Ahhah~how do you do?
      I always post my pictures at Colourful Forum ^^

      Oh really? I am so happy that Qian Yue can give you a kind of different feeling ^^

      >Heather & Kagari
      Yes, you are right. I have already put Qian Yue at the Marketplace of this forum. I make ten Qian Yue heads in plastic and sell them now. Her size is similar to SD10&13. I will soon put them on ebay too. Please take a look if you are interested. Thank you :wink:

      >sigrid, Rynn007, childsmall, batchix & Jibrille
      Really thank you for your appreciation! I and Qian Yue are very happy :daisy
    16. ooo do you have a nude body shot? I would love to see the details :daisy
    17. >NoNoNanoon
      Hello ^_^
      Thank you for your interest
      It's a pity to tell you that, I don't decide to take a nude body shot of any of my dolls. The reason is simple that I don't want to do that.
      So...sorry to make you disappointed :oops: