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100% Permanent Face-Ups and Body Blushing?

Oct 2, 2009

    1. What do you think of 100% permanent face-ups and body blushing on a BJD? I mean, a friend of mine recently put one of these on her doll and to be honest, I'm liking the idea and would like my little guy to get the same treatment. While obviously it would hurt resale value (not currently an issue for me because of the dolls I have) but would you ever consider a doll who's make-up and blushing would require heavy careful sanding to remove? I know the idea appeals to me because I drag my little guys around to cons where they are handled and played with by everyone who comes to my table. While his paint job (full body) has held up okay my friend's doll's paint and blushing is actually holding up pretty well in the joints as well as being tossed around and played with.

      Would you do this? Why or why not?

      Would you buy a doll with this treatment? Would you opinion change if it was an anthro painted to be the species it was sculpted as?
    2. For body blush...

      I drag my dolls around and move them a lot.
      So body blush doesnt last long.
      Especially because i like cute knee and shoulder blush,
      which damages because it's on jointed parts.

      No way!
      I love changing their faces to much.
      + i never had a faceup fade before.
      So no need to.

      Only thing i wonder..is how?
      I get the concept of permanent body blush...
      but faceups?
      I can't think of a 100% permanent way to dye the resin,
      so you get the same details as faceups have now.
    3. Hmmm, I'm trying to imagine what a "permanent faceup" might entail, actually. I'm really not sure it's possible. Do you mean dyed dolls??

      I wouldn't necessarily be averse to buying such a doll, if it was what I wanted and the price was right. I've had dolls with staining and it's fun to incorporate it into the next faceup, but then if I was looking for the doll to look "clean and brand-new" I'd just buy it new if it were possible.

    4. I wish there were a way to seal faceups so that they are permanent, without changing the appearance of the faceup (making it darker, etc). I don't think anyone's willing to experiment, though, not when a bjd costs so much. :sweat

      For my own dolls, I did the faceup and I certainly don't want it to be permanent as I will probably be able to do a much better job years from now. Plus, if I decide to leave the hobby, I think it would be difficult to sell dolls with a permanent faceup.

      However, when I see the extraordinary faceups done by the most famous/coveted faceup artists, whose work can go for hundreds if not thousands - I sometimes think, "I'd be willing to buy that if guaranteed that it will be permanent." I'm not willing to spend hundreds on something that, though fairly sturdy, will almost certainly get chipped/rubbed in a matter of years. But if it were possible for me to purchase one of these heads and then spray it with some stuff to make it invincibly permanent... I may have to consider saving up.
    5. I've bought full-body custom painted Bahas and fantasy tinies, with no intention of ever removing the paint jobs. That makes sense to me, for one thing because these dolls are common and it's fairly easy to just buy yourself another Baha rather than spend hours on end stripping one with a nice custom paint job. In other words, there's no reason to buy the painted doll unless you're also in love with the paint job.

      When it's a case of a human doll sculpt, especially one that might be rarer/ discontinued and that costs more money to buy new than a Baha, I'd prefer that the faceup and blushing be done in the normal way and not in any sort of "permanent" way. There are a lot of human faceups I don't like and same for blushing - some people go really nuts with the blush when I want it more subtle. It's bad enough when people are selling a rare doll I want but tack on a big fee for a faceup I don't really care about, without that faceup being permanent to boot.
    6. I think that if you painted a faceup using glass paints or paints specifically formulated for use on plastics, the faceup would be pretty permanent, barring scratches or gouges. If there was a way to do it so the faceup was as delicate and pretty as ones that are done with pastels and airbrushed acrylics, I would consider it. However, I would worry about resaleability, and if the doll was particularly versatile, I would want to keep my options open in regards to one day radically changing her faceup.
    7. No, I don't really like the idea of permanent face-ups. :sweat Being able to customize them over and over is one of the things I love most about them. Have you ever tried body blushing a human doll with shades of purples or greens? It makes a lovely alien effect. :lol: While I might not want that to be permanent, I also wouldn't want a normal flesh-colored body blush to be permanent either so I could still experiment.

      The same goes for face-ups. I might love a doll in brown hair and have it's face-up reflect those shades well, but what if I suddenly decided the doll looked better with blonde or pink hair? I wouldn't be able to change the eyebrows to have it blend with the wig if it were permanent. Or I don't like the orange-y color of the lips as much anymore and would like some a little pinker or browner? I couldn't change that.

      This applies even stronger to me when it comes to buying a doll with a permanent face-up, I'd never buy one. *_* There are a few dolls I've looked at and gone "Oh! What a find! I love this mold but it's so hard to come by, and they're offering such a good price for her, too! I'll need to change the face-up, though. :| I hate how thin those eyebrows are on top of those big eyes, and those color lips are too dark, and there's too much eyeliner around the eyes for my liking, too gothic. Let's see, what could I do with this mold if I wiped it?" If a face-up was permanent I wouldn't even consider buying the doll, even if it was in great condition, somewhat rare and $200 less than it was from the company.

      To me, it's kind of like buying a head-less doll. :sweat One of the best parts of the doll is missing or doesn't look right to me.
    8. I would say yes for the right face ups. I know currently my favourite face uped doll is sorta fading a little and I know eventually I'll have to send him out to be re-painted the same again haha
    9. I have mixed feelings about it--I have a few dolls whose faceups I would love to have permanent (these were custom faceups done by other people). However, for most of my dolls (whose faceups are either company defaults or done by me), I do want the option of being able to change a faceup. It's true that their basic looks don't change, however, over time I tend to feel like I could do so and so's faceup better and go ahead and redo it. I want the option to be able to tweak things down the road to better suit their characters.

      I'm not sure I even would want permanency with body blushing--maybe some kind of more durable alternative, but it would make me nervous if I couldn't change something that I might choose to change down the line.
    10. Because my dolls are character dolls, I'd love to have a permanent body-up for Moswen and Jaiseki (they have striping on their bodies). A face-up... I'm more easy going.
    11. For the ones that I know that will never change sculpts, I would love to have their face permanent. Example, Keijo was absolutely perfect. He took a fall and messed it up and has never been right since. I'd do anything to have that face up back. XD
    12. I really dislike the idea of permanent face-ups. You never know when someone will sell a doll or if the next person will would even want that. Like, right now I'll say that I'd never sell my dolls. But what if something happened and I absolutely needed the funds? This could happen to anyone really and I think most people wouldn't want to buy a doll that had someone else's ideal permanent face-up.

      I'm not saying that no one should do permanent face-ups/blushing, but it's a circumstance to keep in mind.
    13. While I would love to be able to make the faceups on my dolls that came with them more durable, I don't think I'd want them to be 100% permanent. I'm not sure why, since I have no intention of changing or selling any of them and I would be very, very sad if their faceups were damaged. I think it's just that a large part of the appeal of BJD's is their customizability. I wouldn't want a permanent body blush either, but a very durable one that could only be removed on purpose would be great.
    14. For me... I wouldn't do a permanent faceup or body blushing. Nor would I buy a doll with permanent blushing/faceup unless I intended to sand it off. All but two of my dolls have faceups and blushing done by me, and I don't mind doing it again if it starts to wear off. As others have said, customization and the ability to change my mind (which I do pretty often) is a major part of what I love about these dolls.
    15. I would love it personally. Once I have the look I want I never change it. Also once my dolls arrive they never leave so I don't really care about resale value, though I try to keep them in perfect condition. I would love this for their tattoo work... I am sick of having to paint these things weekly since testors, MSC and ZM seem to hate me.
    16. Body blush... maybe. Just because it's a pain to do over and over and rubs off so easy. But I don't think I'd want it, to be honest. I do my own Face-Ups and Body Blushing and I'm always improving... so I wouldn't want any of that to be permanent. And I change my mind a lot and I'm indecisive. So no, I really wouldn't want anything permanent like that.
    17. Face-up and blushing permanent? No thank you. I like messing with and changing them on a whim. While they may stay generally the same in the long run as they are all set characters, I still like being able to wipe and update them when I feel like it...now...things like Ken's tattoo work...Yes. I designed his tats myself on my computer, and they are a PAIN to paint! I'd love to get them perfect, then never have to re-do them again! As is right now...I'm planning on either making templates by printing them on printable window decals (yay for peoples' good ideas in the customization sub-forum!) or printing them on print at home temp tattoo sheets to apply as needed.
    18. Pretty much all face ups can be permanent as long as you don't purposefully remove them or drop your doll on its face. You can just leave it on forever.

      I did see some more durable body blushing but I can't remember who did it... She dipped just the joint area of each piece in pink dye to give an Araki body blush look. It looked fab and as long as the doll is pre-sanded and there's no MSC underneath the dye it wouldn't come off... I'm now extremely tempted to try it myself.
    19. Not... really. Faceups definitely suffer wear and tear from normal handling -- putting on and removing wigs and, to a lesser extent, clothing. I've found that MSC yellows much faster than resin does, so I've had dolls with old faceups whose faces were significantly yellower than their bodies. MSC tends to chip sometimes for no apparent reason. I've definitely had chips in faceups appear not because the doll's face touched anything except the doll's own wig and clothes, but because the faceup was just OLD.

      I've noticed that simpler faceups, like Bluefairy's and older Volks faceups, that have less blushing and are mostly just details around the eyes and color on the lips, wear a lot better because if the MSC chips on the doll's cheek or somewhere like that it's usually not even noticable. But if the faceup chips where there's blushing that blushing comes right off with it, so the chip is extremely obvious.

      Unless you never touch your doll's head AT ALL, never move its head, never change its clothes, wig, or eyes, and leave it on display someplace, the faceup will eventually get damaged.
    20. I agree with you completely, but just a little note to tack onto the end of what you just said. :sweat Even if that were the case, just temperature changes alone would cause damage over time (specially in places with alot of changing weather like Texas & Nevada), while it will stay in better condition longer, anything will damage over years.