New Doll 12.12 event and new limited dolls from GEM OF DOLL

Dec 10, 2019

    1. hello dear
      Our Fenbul new limited doll will be pre-ordered in the Dec 12th,2019,one day

      Night Wolf,1/3 bjd Alphonse fullset :700$
      Night Wolf,1/3 bjd Alphonse nude doll :380$
      The fullset includes: Nude doll, horns (including makeup), eyeball pair, face makeup, body makeup (including tattoo), official dress (including shawl), wig, shoes, weapons (including makeup), lumbar mask (joint hands require additional purchase, Not included in the full set)

      Festival of the Moon, 1/4 bjd Ymir fullset :450$
      Festival of the Moon, 1/4 bjd Ymir nude doll: 220$
      The fullset includes: naked baby (elves hands and feet), a pair of eyeballs, face makeup, body makeup, official clothes (including headdress and shawl), wig, weapon (mirror)

      After Dec 12th, the price will be more expensive.And the doll will be sold out in the March 12,2020
      [email protected]
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    2. Hello, is Ymir a male or female sculpt?
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    3. The story on the doll's page says Ymir is Alphonse's sister so there's that?
    4. Will the heads be available independently for sale?
    5. Female
    6. yes of course. Ymir is a 1/4 girl
    7. Sorry dear,we will not open the head links.The doll is limited.
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    8. Is it possible to do layaway?
    9. Do you want
      yes of course you can
    10. you can send email to [email protected] for more details ,thank u
    11. Can the wolf mask and wolf scepter be purchased separately?
    12. Hello dear , wolf mask and wolf scepter are limited in fullset items.