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12" / 30cm / Barbie Size Adult Dolls?

Apr 27, 2011

    1. I've been out of the ABJD scene for over a year now, and in that time a million companies have popped up. I'm thinking of buying a 12" doll, but I don't know all that's out there. These are the ones I do know

      Non Resin: Azone, Dollfie, Obitsu, Dollmore whatchamacallums, Goodreau

      Resin: Dollmore Whatchamacallums, Soom, Souldoll, Bobobie, Lume, Planet Doll

      What am I missing? Pictures of any would be lovely.

      I really like Soom Garam. Love the bodies on the Souldoll Metel... Like the new Dollmore little'uns, but I would be interested in ABS from them and they don't have the head I want. Any suggestions?

      Also, if anyone is selling a Soom Garam or somefin', let me know. THis isn't an official WTB, so I won't stick it in sales.

      If curious, I want to make the doll into Pepper Potts from Iron Man.

      Thanks in advance.
    2. We are not allowed to discuss most of the dolls you have listed there.
      Mostly only resin cast dolls are discussed on DoA. I believe none of the Dollmore
      12-16cm dolls are allowed for discussion either, regardless of material.

      If you are interested in smaller dolls that are more realistically proportioned,
      Fairyland has their Chicline line-up. They are closer to 1:4 scale, but not quite 16”,
      the males are only 40cm (15.7”), the females are 37cm (14.5”). You can see photos
      of FL Chicline here. There are nude photos of the bodies in the sales pages for each.
      I hope that helps & good luck (Hottoys has the Iron Man Film license, maybe they’ll
      release a Pepper Potts fem-fig? XD).

      - Enzyme ^ ^
    3. Notdoll also has a few resin dolls around that size, Pandora (25 cm) Miriam (25 cm) and Yohimbin (26,5 cm boy).
      Success with your search!
    4. I wasn't really asking for discussion on the ABS dolls, just listing that I knew of them. The Dollmore 12" dolls come in resin as well as ABS. I don't really need to be pointed toward any non-resin dolls (just thought I'd cover that base so no one felt the need to point them out). As you can see, I'm more into the Soom and SoulDoll types anyway. I appreciate your comment, though. I was looking at Fairyland and must have missed them.
    5. I didn’t mean to sound rude (or be an *ss), I guess I forgot to add one of these :), at the end there.
      I was just pointing it out in case new comers to the hobby have the same interests or size preferences
      and get confused about those dolls. I do apologize. Good luck! ^____^

      - Enzyme ^ ^
    6. There are also the Limhwa ToYou girls, both the original 2005 ToYou and the new ToYou Sara and Mari--they're hard to come by at the moment, but they do pop up from time to time.

      Can't forget the Unoa Lights, either! The 2005 resin versions are on topic. :)
    7. On, Enyzme, I didn't take you that way! You're fine <3

      I was looking into Limhwa, Gallye... they were very popular when I was still big into things. I don't think their facial structures would do well for Pepper, though. Unoa Light is an idea >>
    8. Somehow I forgot Narae too.