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14mm eyes Any favorite brands?

Aug 26, 2008

    1. ^.^ I'm pretty new to the world of dollfies, and I would love to hear what people recommend/like, so that I can gain some confidence and have more fun! =D:love
    2. I really like glastic acrylic eyes. They look pretty realistic, and they're not too expensive. My mini boy has a pair in green hazel, and they're great! They photograph nicely, too.
    3. My favorites are german glass and gumdrops...very beautiful!!
    4. My DoT girl wears Volks' HG glass eyes--I love them!

    5. I also like glastec realistic eyes, only when you get below 10mm they photograph rather pixelized, and prefer a glass eye, when I can, at that point. Glib acrylic eyes are a little better at teeny tiny scale :)
    6. I don't have a ton of experience with the eyes, but I love Souldoll eyes. They are less expensive than other brands, made well, and look great.
    7. The glastic realistic is really pixelated in small sizes, but if you get the older kind that say "glastic eyes" (not realistic), even the really small ones are nice.

      For glass the luts glass eyes are really nice, so are the Volks HG, HCG (hand craft glass) is pretty too, my Lilis is wearing a pair and they are very even.

      Tallinas glass can be great too (but sometimes you will get a bad set, and most have sharp stems)
    8. Glib eyes are nice, because they give "dimension" and depth... so they look more lifelike. Denverdolls.com has them, I believe.
    9. I've gotten to the point that I'm usually only really happy with look of urethane eyes. I think Gumdrops, Mystics and Enchanted are equally nice urethanes. You just have to manage to get in on an ordering period and then wait for almost three months while they're being made. As frustrating as that can be and as pricey as they are, I've always been thilled with the quality and the smaller sizes always resell at full value if they don't work out.

      I also use some of the HG glass eyes from Volks and the Hands Solid Glass Eyes sold by DOA's ginarolo. I'm afraid you won't be able to see Gina's eyes until you've gotten Marketplace access, I don't think she has her own website.

      Other than that, I like Soom Eyes and Volks Metallic eyes.
    10. Oh, good to know about the glasstec, thanks :)
    11. I love Ginarolo's glass eyes, they are wonderful colors and fantastic quality.

    12. I agree! As much as I'd like to get some Gumdrops, Mystics, or Enchanted, I always miss out on the ordering period, and the wait and price puts me off. You really can't beat the eyes Ginarolo sells for quality, price and fast shipping. I've gotten 6 pairs and they are all beautiful, more so in person than in any pic! :fangirl:
    13. Do most tinies take 14 mm? I wish the companies who sell these dolls would list sizes of eyes, wigs, and shoes. Some list eye size, but not all.
    14. My absolute favourite eyes in this size - the Dollshe Saint wears a 14mm - are the Soom acrylics! They are inexpensive and photograph fantastically well!
    15. Not necessarily. Tinies range in size from just a few inches tall all the way to about 11 inches tall, some smaller and some larger. There is so much variation in sizes that there are lots of different eye sizes involved as well. I think the OP just was asking about 14mm eyes in particular.
    16. cinwills i also think they should list a recommended eye size and wig size. usually you can use one size bigger or smaller, even if the default is 14mm. most eye companies sell 14mm, but below that not everyone does it
    17. I really love soft galss eyes because they are so easy to fit into the eye well and they look really great. I have several pair of Masterpiece eyes and I just ordered some EyeCo eyes today.

      Apart from that I have one set of Gumdrops and one set of German glass eyes I also have a set og Soom eyes that I haven't got the doll for yet. They are beautiful too.

      There's only one thing to remember about ordering eyes - and wigs for that matter. You can't really be sure of the colour because the colour you see on your monitor is influenced by a lot of things such as the light when they were photographed and your monitor and your graphic card.

      Also about size: Bigger eyes makes the doll look younger and smaller eyes make the doll look more mature. The best thing would be to post and ask about the specific doll you're getting eyes for - especially if it's your first.

      I hope this helps.

    18. This is so helpful. Thank you for posting al this info and links. :)
    19. The eyes I go for, not having much money, are either the glastic realistic eyes (at a recent meet people were asking me about those because my doll had a lovely pair in, they were 16mm though so I don't know what they are like in smaller sizes) or Dollmore eyes (the colour on them is amazing for acrylic eyes, and the price is great too). Some tinies take 14mm, but I've only got that size in MSDs, and for some that eye size is actually smaller than they are meant to take