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16 WEEKS since Masterpiece order- THEY FIXED IT!

Aug 22, 2006

    1. OK, this is the limit, i think. i gave them a chance because everyone says they're always late but their product is so good. i've waited since April, for heaven's sake. and it's too late for me to file a complaint with Paypal since i waited so long. I WANT MY EYES. i've already sent a complaint to Masterpiece. is there anything else i can do?

      EDIT: i finally got in touch with Masterpiece (their email was down) and it looks like my order got lost in the shuffle. they were very polite and apologetic, and my eyes arrived last week. yay Masterpiece!
    2. Not really. Just keep nagging them. Its awful, isn't it? And really, if you're gonna wait that long for eyes, they should at least be nice urethane ones or something. Masterpiece eyes are NOT that great in comparison.

      I bet you though, they will not reply to you until they can say, "Oh, oops, sorry, we JUST MAILED OUT YOUR EYES." They totally did that to me once. I wanted my money back and they didn't reply for a week... just long enough for that next batch with my eyes in it to get made...
    3. I know someone that is a masterpeice dealer and I wanted to get 13mm feather eyes, she said she has been waiting 3 months for an order for some customers...and it has finally been shipped... she said there are only 3 people that make them at the Masterpiece 'factory' and they had a huge order to fill.. so that is why if you made a singular order it may have got pushed back because of the dealers orders.
      I also talked to someone on ebay that deal in them and she just got her shipment after waiting a long time too...so you will get them but maybe next time go through a dealer and it may be quicker..um or not..lol

      if you need someone to buy from talk to TammyK on here..she is a masterpiece dealer.
    4. Oh, this does not sound good. I placed an order with Masterpiece about 2 weeks ago. Does this mean they are going to completely ignore me unless i bug them?

    5. if i'd known it was going to take this long i would have bought my eyes somewhere else. my boy is sitting here with orange eyes- they're very pretty, but he looks like a cross-dressing werewolf. argh.
    6. eeek thats good to know.. i wont be ordering! they should get more staff or a better system and let ppl know
    7. I just get all mine of ebay from santa bead fanatic ^_^ You'll have it in a few days then . . .
    8. I might sound silly but please be more patient I ordered my MP eyes thru Karin and she had to wait like forever too eventually I got the eyes. So I am hoping you'll receive the eyes soon. Iff not maybe you can ask Karin to put some pressure on them?
    9. Masterpiece has AMAZING product, and Are very nice to deal with (From my experience.. I love Gail) But they do need more help. Their orders take a VERY long time to conplete. They need more people in there.
    10. Yeah...I'm having some issues with them, too. I've had an order in since the beginning of July though (and have since then sent them about six emails pestering them XD!), so...I don't know how long it's going to take before I see anything in the mail. Probably months. -___-
    11. I've had issues with Masterpiece too. After waiting 4 weeks for my eyes I gave them a call. All they could tell me was, they lost my order or it never was written down! Now is that a way to do business!! They never said sorry or anything. They didn't seem to care. If their growing that fast as a company maybe they should hire more people.

      At this point I wouldn't order direct from Masterpiece. Buy them from someone who has the eyes instock.

      I hope you get your eyes soon. I'l keep calling them...

    12. I like the eyes very much but there is no way I would order direct from these people.

      I've got all mine from ebay where they were in hand and ready to come to me. I'd go nuts having to harass a vendor like that. I'm also none to sure I want to continue to support a company who treats their customers in so cavalier a manner. There are plenty of other nice eyes out there.
    13. The same thing happened to me that happened to tkdesigns. After waiting for my order for 5 weeks or so I e-mailed them to ask when they would be shipping the order, and they told me that they didn't have any record of my order! They lost the order! So they said they'd put a "rush" on my order. It still took another 3 weeks after that to actually get the eyes. ... a total of 8 weeks. I never would have gotten the eyes at all if I hadn't e-mailed them about it.

      I've found it's best to buy the eyes through one of their distributors. The Santa and Bead Fanatic eBay store is a great place to buy from. They ship immediately. I think the eyes are a nice quality, and worth their price.

      Here's a link: http://www.santafanatic.com/CHRISTMAS/MasterpieceEyes.html
      I've bought from them 3 times, and they're great.

      By the way, if you do a search for "masterpiece eyes" here in the "buying/shipping qs and advice" forum, you'll find a bunch of posts just like this one. A lot of people have had the same trouble.
    14. It's kinda funny what we are or are not willing to wait ages for ... like, if I make an Unoa pre-order for a Sist, I know I'll be waiting something like 6 months before I get her.

      Masterpiece is slower than molasses in January. There are other threads and other posts bemoaning this. The last time I ordered Masterpiece eyes through Karin, she said she wasn't going to custom order with them ever again (and the Masterpiece link on her website is now gone). She recommended, as others have here, buying from folks who have them in stock. Or placing your own order and settling in for the wait.

      I ordered a custom pair and it took 4 months to get them! They are nice eyes. For those, I was willing to wait. For anything else, I'll be looking elsewhere.

    15. I don't think many people would want to wait that long just for eyes. A doll perhaps but certainly not eyes.
    16. From everyone I've talked to, Masterpiece is terribly slow. I'd suggest using a retailer, like Karin who I've bought from and had very fast delivery. Ask for your money back for doing this to you, at the very least, they'll probably send them out.

      On another note, I don't find masterpiece eyes too impressive at all. They feel somewhat pixely to me, and made me really want an expensive glass pair. They don't have much depth, but the colors are very pretty. So, I wouldn't particularly reccomend them. ^_^;;
    17. I have to say I like their acrylics far more than I like their silicone eyes. The acrylics are exceptionally lifelike while I find the silicones tend to be 'fun' rather than realistic.
    18. I bought two pair of eyes from mater peice and wasn't too impress with them. ^^;; I rather wait 2-3 months and pay more for better eyes.

    19. That was my problem with them too, $26-$40 and I can see pixels!!! I won a free pair from Karin once, and while I was really thrilled to get them, and Karin is awesome, I didn't want to actually buy any after getting them. :...( Call me a freak, but I can't stand being able to see pixelation in my dolly eyeballs.:sweat Now I'm a total urethane/glass eye snob for my dolls. I'd rather pay $20 more and get beautiful color depth.
      However I do love the colors of the royal eclipse eyes (turquoise and purple, squee!), but I can't find anyone selling them in 13mm. And I don't know if I'll like them any better in a smaller size than I did in 19mm.

      ...and I've heard only bad things about ordering directly from the company. :(
    20. I placed an order through Karin last year for four pairs of eyes and I recieved them a little over four months later. One of the pair was metalized which you don't normally find being sold through Ebay sellers, so I didn't have any other option, but to wait. I don't think I'd do it again.

      They all arrived with defects. The "Feather" eyes had black lint floating IN them, one pair had a hair actually poking up out of the surface near the pupil, the next pair had a piece of the white silicone poking into the clear dome, and the metalized ones had uneven pupils and the edges of the eyes were quite rough compared to the others.

      Karin was not able to help with the defects which I completely understand so I contacted Masterpice by e-mail. When they finally bothered to respond they told me to send them back. I wrote a couple of times asking if they needed all of the eyes back, or just the defective ones and they never wrote back. By that time, I had waited so long that I dropped the issue and ended up using the eyes, trying to disgiuse their flaws as best I can.

      It's really too bad because I think they are the only company who can make the custom eyes I want for Lex, but I can't rely on their quality. :|

      Now I'm mostly buying Eye Candies, Enchanted Doll Eyes, Sooms and Gumdrops.