16mm Eyes in a Minifee Mir/Mika?

May 31, 2015

    1. Hey! I've been considering swapping a 16mm pair of oscardoll eyes from a Risse I've got to a Mika/Mir I've yet to own.

      The eyes I'd gotten for his character fit pretty well in the Risse eye sockets, only leaving a small gap thats only noticable when looking sharply up or down which I doubt I'd do much - if at all in photos. Risse already has quite narrow eyes so I'm hoping they'd fit decently in the Mika/Mir sculpt too.

      Could anyone confirm this? Pictures would be very much appreciated!
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    4. the eye wells are too small, i've tried this but don't have pics i'll try to take some 2morrow tho. even 14mm are too big
    5. Thank you very much for responding ;v;! Looks like I'll have to give these eyes to my Risse afterall and get him a new pair, darn.
      I'll be looking forward to seeing photos, thanks again!
    6. Different eye manufacturers have different pupil sizes and things like that, though. My mir head currently wears ersa flora eyes, but the size of their irises and pupils are way different than the same size Souldoll eyes that came with my elan.