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18cm dolls?

Jun 2, 2018

    1. Posting this in the tiny discussion thread in case I have more luck! I've just put this little guy on layaway but am struggling to figure out where to find some clothes for him. Here are his measurements from the site:

      Height(include head): 18.5cm
      Width of shoulders:4.4cm
      neck girth:4.2cm
      Chest: 8.8cm
      waist: 10cm
      hips: 11.5cm
      Length of arm: 3.8cm
      Length of shoulder to fingers: 4.4cm
      Length of hip to ground: 5.9cm
      Length of waist to ankle: 7.6cm
      Length of foot: 2.4cm

      Does anyone know of any similar sized dolls so I can try and find some clothes?
    2. Try ttyacom on etsy
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    3. I was actually having a look there, what section would be best to have a look at do you think?
    4. Kevin is roughly lati yellow/pukifee sized, but taller. It'd be easier if you planned on putting him in dresses because he'll fit those things fine around the chest. You might struggle to find pants that'll fit properly because of his long leggies. I'd recommend looking on etsy and taobao for pukifee sized stuff. Welcome to the awkward "in between sizes" doll club!
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    5. I think the Lati Yellow might work, some of it fits my 18cm Luts cat.
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    6. Thank-you! And ugh yes he is inbetween xD he'll be a masculine boy so dresses won't really suit his style but I can always make him some trousers!
    7. Thank-you!
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