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18MM eyes for MSD size?

Nov 29, 2008

    1. hey i was wondering, i have 16mm eyes for my cute little dolly, but i kinda want to have this huge bug eye kinda look, and i was wonder would an 18mm be to big to fit in her head? or will it fit just right having barely any white showing?
    2. It depends what doll she is. Some minis have big enough eyewells and some don't... What kind of doll is she?


    3. shes an Kids Delf Aru Doll from eluts
      will it work? also i want to try it with my Blue Fairy doll that should be coming soon
    4. I doubt they would fit unless you bevelled the eyewells. I have an Aru but I don't have any 18mm eyes so I can't check, unfortunately.
    5. If you just want to have no white showing, you might try to find a 16mm eye with no whites... I would try using marbles if you're okay with not having pupils, if you want pupils you could try making your own eyes or look at Dollmore Specials or Souldoll eyes, they might have something. Also try the Marketplace here.

    6. oh okay! thanks though
    7. Do you ppl thing 18mm eyes will fit into a doll that's an sd13 ?