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1st Anniversary Special Edition Doll " Blueblood Valentine "

Apr 14, 2010

    1. Hi DOA members,

      To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Blueblood Doll, we are now releasing a new Special
      Edition Doll, namely: “Blueblood Valentine”.


      This item is now available for sale!

      For more pics and information, please visit this link: http://www.blueblooddoll.com/special_edition_dolls

      I am Medusa, I'll be glad to answer your questions at this post. Thank you!;)
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    2. He is beyond handsome. Will you be releasing him as a standard edition doll?
    3. Fleo,

      All 20 sets of Valentine that I now have are Special Edition Doll. I will plan to release him as a Standard Edition Doll if I can sell all these 20 SE sets. ^^

    4. Please note that sunglasses in the pictures is not included in the set.