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1st order of U-Da Renewal head

Jul 1, 2005

    1. Sado is taking an order of U-Da renewal head in Korea.
      This renewal version is almost same as U-Da head before,
      but there is a bit difference in eye size, nose and head size. (Modified better)

      Price : 120000 won(head) + 5000 won(local shipping fee)
      Order & Payment close on 12th July. 20 heads are available.

    2. Does anyone know what song is being played on the website? It's really pretty. ^^
    3. Will they be selling U-me again? :D?!
    4. Here's what I found:
      It's called Follow Me from Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
      Performed by Jazz singer Kimiko Itoh
    5. Are they accepting international orders and I was wondering if they're able to read english or would we need to order the heads from someone in korea?
      thanks :)
    6. Thank you! *hugs*
    7. How much for the head in US dollars?

      :grin: :D
    8. 125000 won = 121 USD

      there are plenty of currency converters on the web, but typically with won moving the decimal 3 places to the left will give you a pretty close estimate.
    9. Sienna - will you take orders for them? I REALLY do want U-Da! Can anyone help?
    10. I PMed you. ^^
    11. Hi, I want to bump this up! :D

      So, of it's head only sold, then what body are they to be fit on?

      And, is it possible to buy both heads, U-me and U-da? And the U-da renewal head, is that the same one as the one on the site, right?

      And can shipping be put together? Oh, and is it possible to pick up a pair or two of mystic eyes when ordering? How much are those? :chibi

      Sorry for all the questions. :oops:

    12. Let me add: The 'follow me' theme is but a version of the stunning 'Romance' part from the composition 'Concierto de Aranjuez' , by the great Spanish musician and composer Enrique Granados. The original piece is played traditionally on spanish flamenco guitar and it's just, pure, simple thrilling beauty.

      Just for info, and, why not, world spreading of Spanish art ^^


    13. I can recomend these heads , I recived my U-me head last week and he is stunning
      the resin matches Volks very well
    14. GAHHHHHHHH! I WANT ONE!!! HOW DO I GET ONE!? :( *runs around crying*

      I PMed grace and wondered how I could get ahold of one cos she'd done the group order a while ago and I'm being impatient. :(