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2 New Domuya Flexi Perennial Dolls

Dec 5, 2007

    1. Saisha.(in NS & Light Tan) Rose jewelry from Inorganica by Seiko

      Venturo. Rose jewelry from Inorganica by Seiko

      The New Perennial Male Body

      They are guaranteeing delivery in time for Xmas if you confirm your order before Dec 18 or if you are within the first 150 customers who order (whichever is first) :D
    2. The website says the bodies are 'backwards compatible'... does this mean they're in proportion with and will work with the heads for the D-1 60 (like the flexi-body Zen, for example)?
    3. I don't have a Zen head to try on, however the neck does look like it would fit other Domuya dolls. Saisha's head fits on both the bodies.
    4. Have they released the measurements on the new boy body yet? As tall as he is, I wonder if he could fit Hound-sized clothing.
    5. Hi Eidolon Tree, thank you so much for updating it at DOA for us! We hope that you guys will love the new dolls - Saisha and Venturo (after Fin) although many are still writing to us asking for Fin. &#65288;>.<&#65289;Fin is already sold out and will not be release again as she is a event exclusive.

      And thank you evildolly for doing the beauitful photoshoots and also thank you Seiko for making the beautiful jewelry!

      Hi LilTigre,
      Yes, what we meant are that the doll heads for the D1-60 are compatible and will fit on the D1 Flexi Perennial!
    6. I have a SD13 Boy shirt & pants on him, while the pants are a bit short, the shirt still fits, so Hound clothes *should* fit.
    7. I love the boy! He's a standard, right? ^^

      evildolly: Are you by any chance a rep for Domuya?
    8. :o NO! This is terrible! I just got my first doll! But he is so beautiful and I want him:love He fits a very underdeveloped character who has developed a bit since I saw him.
      Anyway... I too would like to know if he is a standard. I do not know much about Domuya. Will he always be that price or will it go up?
    9. WOW, they're amazing! <333

      Question - If they're backwards compatible, would it follow that Perennial heads could fit non-Perennial bodies? I have a Fin head I'm trying to figure out a body for. XD'
    10. Who is the boy in the first picture? Is that Saisha on a male body?
    11. Hi Blackpaperbag,

      We will be in Singapore for The Doll Affair Event on the 29th Dec. We will be bringing back very limited quantities of Flexi Perennial. However, it would be best for those who wants to purchase any dolls to write to us first with your "Customizing Options" to ensure that we have what you want on that day. For Singapore customers, if you place your order with us first and self-collect on the day of Doll Affair Event, your shipping fee will be waived. However, customers who only purchase on the day of the event will have only the shipping fee 50&#37; waived.

      And yes, he is a standard edition doll.

      Lady Vincira: Yes, Fin will definitely be able to fit on Flexi Perennials. Fin was also released with the Flexi Perennial Female body in July. Backwards compatible in the way that it will also fit on our D1-60 bodies. As for other companies bodies, I am sorry but I have not tried them on before.
    12. Oooooh yay!!! I'm very glad to hear that :cheer

      If we place our orders before hand on the website, is it still possible to only pay when we collect it (in Singapore dollars) or do we have to pay first, using paypal?
    13. Mm, I know the flexi-perennial fin has articulated feet, so I assume these new ones will too ^^
    14. blackpaperbag:
      Not a rep, no. But I am one of their official photographers, and since I actually have worked with their dolls, I try to answer whatever I can. :) I was Domuya's first customer in 2003 and am glad to be along for the ride when they created their own line of dolls.

      Squeek of the North:
      Yes, its a boy Saisha <3

      I believe that Domuya has lowered their prices to become more affordable, so its not an event price.

      The standard feet will be articulated like that, but they are also including the special 'heeled' feet, which are essential molded feet wearing sandals if you get the "Super Model kit". The one I have right now has a french pedicure and the sandals are a lovely light blue.

    15. Glad to read that too, as it's written "domuya limited" on the pictures, it's a little bit confusing. ^^ Is it possible when you have time to post a picture of the naked male body sitting (profile)?
      Thanks a lot and congrats to evildolly for the wonderful pictures!
    16. Thank you:)
      I will try to get something for you on the profile, got one of the standing profile, but the feet are not shown due to the black fur he is standing on.

    17. Ooh, excellent... now is it possible to order Saisha as a boy? I don't see any such option on the Saisha order page...