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2 new fullsets from Dollzone! {Demi+X}

Jun 21, 2009

    1. [SIZE="-10"]Demi - Link

      X {I can see teeth&freckles! *squeals* XB} - Link
    2. Both links link to the same doll I would like to see more of the first doll :)
    3. Are these available as basics or are the heads fullset only?
    4. you can get them without being in fullsets. And mostly like the clothes will be available as a separate option too. (all the other fullset clothes are unless it's a limited)
    5. I think I did something wrong because when I converted what I think is CNY currency to USD for Demi, I got 57 USD. Is Dollzone CNY currency? Sorry for so many qustions. This is the first time I really took any interest in another company besides DOD and Volks :sweat
    6. The prices on the Dollzone page are in USD. So the Demi fullset it 340 USD, (nude doll is 240 USD) and the X fullset is 550 USD, ( 440 USD nude).
    7. I can't find the price of Demi's rabbit mask. Is it available?