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20%~25% off for ENCHANTED DOLL EYES !!

Jan 16, 2009

    1. [​IMG] Now on sale during January!

      ED,SWEETY common eyes : 50 → 40USD
      ED,SWEETY special eyes : 60 → 45USD
      MILKY common eyes : 55 → 40USD
      MILKY special eyes : 65 → 45USD
      8,10mm common eyes : 35 → 25USD
      8,10mm special eyes : 45 → 35USD

      Very special sale for very special eyes. Too bad this was not properly promoted so I didn't really know this included international sales. I would have promoted this earlier. Their Milky eyes are the best!

      Only for the month of January!!!

      LINK : http://kyona.byus.net/eng_main.htm

      ( Flickr ) : http://flickr.com/groups/797963@N20/
      ( DoA thread ) : http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16048
    2. Can I ask where on the website it lists the sale? I haven't had much luck searching around for information.

    3. Hello Rosella. They did not state it anywhere in the international site, which is why I did not know a sale even existed up until I placed an order. You can definitely try to leave a question in their website first if you wish to do a double check. :)
    4. it is confirm...i had asked them....besides earlier last week or so,one of my friend received an email regarding the sales. :)