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2005 Hyperdollies! (EDIT)

Jun 19, 2005

    1. Thanx Cypher~ So now everyone can check them on EA board!

      Kyedo, Nahoo and Sosom are introduced!
      Kyedo and Nahoo are 63cm tall, and Sosom is 13cm tall.

      Sosom is sooooo cute :D Too bad I'm not really into small BJDs..

      You can check them out at Cyworld Hypermaniac club.
      We're not supposed to steal pictures so I can't post their pix here. :oops:
    2. *flail scream run around insanely* POST THE LINK!!! :o :o :o :o

      :oops: Hehe... Please?
    3. Can't wait until we can all see pictures.... :shudder *excited!*
    4. .........

      I'm so curious!! :crushed :crushed :crushed
    5. Oh my God!
      Kyedo and Nahoo looks like Omiclon's brothers!!! *dies*

      Yvette, thank you so much for the news!!! *hugs*

      By the way, which one is the half open eye? Kyedo or Nahoo? :(^^)a
    6. Screenshots? :oops:
    7. Nope, I can't see them u.u
    8. Oh! I want to see...
    9. :cry: cant see anything either and tried all kinds of numbers to register, no go
    10. For foreigners to join cyworld, you have to send copies of things like license, social security numbers, etc.......so hardly anyone in the states is a member, unless you have lived abroad, and already have a membership.
    11. Okay..I feel really bad now...Linda is the only one that could see them? :cry:
      So I'm PMing everybody with the pictures...
      It's a PRIVATE MSG, so it wouldn't be STEALING, right?

      And Linda, I think Nahoo is the one that has half-opened eyes, I THINK. :oops:
    12. I'd be interested in seeing. =^^=~~*
    13. Oh well, =^^= Thanks again, Yvette.
      I like the half open eye one very much. Hope Hypermaniac will tell us more about them.
    14. Aww...I'd love to see the new hyperdollies too. :(
    15. I'd like to see! ^^;
    16. me too! This is such a complicated thing, stealing vs. sharing :oops:
    17. oh, Yvette, could you pm me with pics, too? :daisy
    18. I'd like to see too, please :daisy