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2007 Hypermaniac Renewal Collection - Hahanbi, Kakiva, Eujquv, Choyanbi

May 31, 2007

    1. KAKIVA.
      She was released a while back. 8D

      52cm 7 year from 2004.
    2. Just so ya know... Kakiva wasn't a tiny... she was slightly smaller-than-SD-sized.

    3. Thats interesting I thought the new one was going to have opened eyes. I read it on the board I suppose we have to wait and see.

      Ah well I guess I won't have the only Kakiva on the board anymore..... Yes she is slightly smaller than a SD sized doll. Sleeves can be a little long and pants too. shoes she fits SD girl shoes. Wigs a 8.5 to 9 max but too large a head for MSD wigs.
    4. I thought it was her, but when I checked her out on Gigglegeek, the eyes looked like they were fully closed. Maybe it's just the angle, no?
    5. Yes its the angle her eyes are originally half closed. I had read that the rerelease would have fully open eyes which would be very beautiful.
    6. Fully opened eyes?:D I can't wait! I hope they release some 60cm doll(s) along with her (hopefully a boy)! But then again, I hope they dont (money is tite:sweat )
    7. just got a reply, "yes sooon, please wait a moment" ok after the con, many of mine are going up sale
    8. Oh noes!
      I might be doomed... if Kakiva with closed eyes still has her elf ears... :-O


    9. I'm so dead*_* I hope they don't come out in another month or so; just need a little more $$$$
      Is Choyanbi the only boy?
    10. They are all a-sexual meaning no private parts, so they can be a boy or a girl.

      Yes if you want them all they are going to add up!! I think they go up for quite a few months seems like about 6 months though they quote a year normally. So you could always order 1 then another.....

      I just posted allot of questions that I am sure will be of interest to others. I will update here with the answers.
    11. Oh!:blush hhahaha silly me...:D :D :D
    12. I love Kakiva. Any idea how much they will be? What's the ordering process?
    13. I do not know how much they will be. Muse was 500, but I would guess between 550-650.

      When they become available, their pics will be under dolls on the site. You choose with or without make-up and click the buy button. You can pay with paypal.
    14. Sigh .. oh for a money tree!!! I want them all and totally broke after my little dog has been in doggy hopsital!! :(
    15. I would love to add another Hypermaniac to my collection, but Gyedo is a handful for me...now if they release Ksy again....well....;)
    16. Ooops, There IS a news thread for hypermaniac babies!

      My mistake..

    17. Oh I LOVE the new bodies!!! Although, don't the old ones look more boyish? It's hard for me to see the new ones as anything but girly. :sweat
      Gah... my house is gonna be full of Hypermaniacs....
    18. She looks kinda like Rui to me. Kavika\'s eyes are more closed.
    19. It started out in the News section, but got moved ^_^

      The hardest thing about all this is *whom* to choose!!