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2007 Unoa lottery

Jan 16, 2007

    1. I am in the market for a Unoa, and I found this on the cresent shopping service (http://www.crescent-shop.com/shopping/shopping01.htm)

      if this has already been posted, sorry.

      Lottrey for Unoa Lusis & Sist
      Thank you for so many inquiries about Unoa Lottery in January, 2007.
      As you would have seen on the Alchemic Labo's website, we, Crescent Shop is taking applications for Unoa girls lottery.
      Unfortunately, quantity is very limited for this lottery.
      The allocation for international clients is about 10 each of Lusis & Sist.

      1) You can only apply either Lusis or Sist.
      If you apply both, the application will be invalid.

      2) Price
      It has not been determined yet.
      We determine the price by the exchange rate on Jan 24th.

      3) Application Period
      We start taking applications from 11:00AM on Jan 25 to 11:00AM on Jan 31, 2007
      The website shows shopping cart for applying the lottery.
      It is NOT First come first served basis.

      4) Announcement for the Winners
      We email applicants either Win or Lose on Feb 5th.

      5) Payment
      The winner must pay for the doll and the shipping charge by Feb 15, 2007.

      6) Delivery
      The doll kit will be ready to ship immediately after we receive payments.

      At this moment, we cannot tell more details.
      Sorry but we cannot answer each questions for this Unoa lottery.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      Crescent Shop

    2. Just to note, for those who don't want to read the entire thread about it to find out the pertinent information -- this is NOT a normal "pre-order". The reason the numbers of available Unoa are so small this time around is because this is leftover stock from the 5th pre-order, the one that was done in December 2005 and was shipping late last year. These are leftover dolls from people who ordered but did not pay, or who could not be contacted to complete their orders, etc. As a result, the stock is limited so Crescent is limited with what they are able to make available. Future pre-orders will be run differently.
    3. will she come with a faceup already?
    4. no, without faceup and noncompound
    5. will she come with eyes and a wig? (sorry for all the questions)
    6. Yes, she will come with eyes and a fur wig.
    7. I wonder if the doll come with the doll stand.
    8. since they are left overs from the last pre-order, and those dolls didn't come with stands, i would say no, she won't.
    9. Lottery entries are closed now according to the updated Crescent notice. Email notifications for winners will be sent out on the 5th of Feb