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2008 Fairyland NaNuRi gift head

Jun 16, 2008

    1. I didn't see a thread here for the summer event SD head, so I thought I'd start one!

      Stock photos of the new 2008 Nanuri from Fairyland:




      I know I'll be getting one of these boys in my order (my first SD, actually) and I'm VERY excited.

      Anyone else going to be receiving one, and any thoughts on him or characters you'll be making from him? I'll be turning him into my "dark lord" character from my original universe. He's going to be FANTASTIC.

      The Database thread for the Nanuri 08 can be found here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=239958&

      Please post up your lovelies if you haven't already!

      Sizing info:
      Eyes- 16/18mm
      Wig- 8" (Some 7-8" are too small, some 8-9" are too large, so it seems like he's a perfect 8" head. Please keep in mind that what company the wigs are purchased from may also effect this number.)
    2. I was wondering when someone would create a thread for this chap.
      It kind of amuses me...if he had come out through Luts there would probably be a five-page thread already...but because CP has put the head out through their own FairyLand site, listing him as being for a FeePle body as that is what they sell there (even though the heads are totally interchangable with Delf bodies) he's been pretty much ignored thus far. :|

      I'm definitely getting him. I will be picking up a FeePle body for my NaNuRi 06 head, and depending on how this head looks size-wise, I may end up putting him a Delf boy body instead of a FeePle one. I have no clue who he's going to be yet, but I really like his look. :whee:
    3. You know, he looks very similar to my minifee b head. Just the eyes and mouth though. Wish they would sell him as a basic set. I love the sculpt.
    4. Its an absolutely gorgeous sculpt and would make a great girl too. Also an adorable fairy if he/she had the pointy ears. The eye shape is just wonderful.

      I can't wait to see what everyone does with this one!
    5. Well... FairyLand isn't giving him that much attention themselves. I was at that site, like.. 30 seconds before coming here and seeing this thread, and all I saw were mermaids. :|
    6. PsychoticElflet5, Please do not hotlink images that aren't hosted on your own webspace.
    7. I agree. XP Which upsets me, because so far Fairyland has had IMPECCABLE service, in my experience at least, and I will definitely be buying from them again, if I can. I guess it's just that they aren't quite as big as Luts yet, although their products are well-known. It'll be nice to know there's at least one other owner on the boards! ^^

      jamie-- Do you mean the make-upped head looks like your Seorin or the blank head? I thought that Seorin had more rounded eyes. ... Ooh! Or do you mean the "original" B-turned-C-head. XD Cause his lips are... different. Very different.

      Lana-- Initially I was going to make him a character with long, pointy ears, because the face would be great for an Elf I have. :wink I can see you are a woman of vision... Lol

      twigling-- Ohhh, sorry! I'll upload them to my photobucket and repost. I was wondering why it had switched to URL. I'll fix it!

      sailorstarsun-- The thing is that Fairyland posted them in the 2008 summer event news post, because their main thing right now IS the Puki mermaid fullsets. ^^ Luts tends to release events and that's what hits their main page, so if you don't browse their news posts, it is possible to miss it.
    8. I will have the nanuri 08 head, too~~
      he will probably be my boy's friend (pure friend XDD)
      i will get him a delf body instead of feeple body coz 70cm is too big for me and can't fit in with my kids.
      one thing i want to say too, fairyland customer service is wonderful and i will buy from them again~~ wishing that delf will soon move back to fairyland. dun wanna buy from luts........
    9. To PsychoticElflet5: The head I was referring to was the old b head. It was suspose to be Seorin but Fairyland goofed. Only a few people got that head I guess. Anyways, my boy sits next to my pc and when I saw the blank NaNuRi head, I was surprised at how much they look alike. The eyes definately look alike, the lips are very similar not exact. My boys bottom lip is a bit larger like he's pouting. He's so sweet!
    10. Completely agree with this - loved the mnf old B head and as soon as I saw this one in news thread it was "Hello!" - even more so when the head was shown blank. A few little differences, yes, but enough to make me rub my hands together in glee that I was wanting a cupid puki when released along puki bodies - got just enough to get the head now. :)
    11. Amen. I've heard things at Luts haven't been going so well lately. I bought my Shushu Elf last year, and they were fine, but since then I've heard their CS has gone down the tubes. I really hope they move their other dolls back to Fairyland too; their Customer Service is great, and if they have all of their dolls in one place, their business will boom. ^^

      Yeah, his lower lip is definitely more pouty. XD The eyes are exact, though! I was looking at the old B-head for a character, but I'm not sure the pout is going to work. The lower lip, to me, is HUGE. ^^;;;; Not my style. I really love his eyes, though, and the nose. I've only seen one of the old B-heads though, so I might just be missing the comparison because I've only seen the one thread.

      Someone actually posted over in the MNF discussion that he looks like a big Shushu, and I completely agree. I had been looking at the two and I finally put photos side by side and he does look a lot like a large Shushu (with more triangular eyes). The lips and nose, though, are pretty much exact judging from the blank head, but we'll have to see when he gets here; sometimes dolls look totally different IRL than in stock photos. My Shushu definitely did, although I ended up being much happier with her that way. XD No wonder I like him so much.... Now I'm hoping I can look past that to his character, so that I don't have to change who he's going to be. I'm very excited to be getting [Nameless Dark Lord fellow], although I'm having trouble deciding on his name still. I think it'll come to me once he gets home, though.
    12. Of course I'd told myself "no more dolls" but as soon as I saw the Nanuri head I started working on a plan to get him. *L* In the end DollLuver and I did a little group order, she's getting a Poseidon and I'm getting an Anu. I'm still a little "buh?" over how I went from "no more dolls" to "another doll and a head" but hey... I'll roll with it. :XD:

      My Anu (Abe) is going to be a college professor and my Nanuri (Shaun) is going to be his student... >_> *cough* Studentslashboyfriend *cough* Hey, he's eighteen! It's legal! :XD: I'm really excited to get them both! Hopefully the Nanuri head will work on my B&G Sapphira's body until he can get his own 60cm one.
    13. I'm getting one, and will be selling him. Actually getting all three, and two extra MNF's heads.
    14. onnawufei-- XDDD Ouch. I'm hoping I won't get to that point (I will. I totally will X3). At least they're legal. XD I'm a huge fan of student/teacher relationships, so you won't hear complaints from me! :lol:
    15. I do see a bit of a Shushu influence in him... and I'd be smitten if the eyes were a little bit larger and the ears were not sticking out so much... at least they are not to the point of being monkey ears.

      Perhaps I just need to see him in a girly faceup, but right now the mold seems a bit too male for me to be drooling to turn it into a Delf Shushu girl. My wallet is grateful... though it may just end up crying once there are owner pictures and heads hit the secondary market.:sweat
    16. *nods* I agree. He's still going to be a man for me, despite the similarities.

      XD Well, if you do end up buying one and making it into a girl, I look forward to it! I saw a GORGEOUS modded Nanuri 07 girl that made me drool (and wish I could honestly afford to own more than one SD).
    17. My NaNuRi '07 was going to be a girl briefly, and my NaNuRi '06 looks like a girl. :XD: I don't think Nanuris are usually given genders but either way I'm a sucker for boy to girl molds. Both my girls (well the ones that aren't Pukis) have boy heads. I'd love to see how the Feeple Nanuri looks as a girl.
    18. Oh he's pretty. I'm glad to see a doll with slightly upturned lips every once in a while - I wish there were more dolls that smiled, or looked like they were smiling.

      I should keep on with my hiatus, or I'll be too tempted! XD;
    19. i'm hoping to get one of these gorgeous heads at some point and turn it into a girl... ;)
    20. Teehee! onnawufei, looks like you'll get your wish after all! fenris, I can't wait to see her. I'm curious how the Nanuri would look female. Like I said, the 07 Nanuri was beautiful, and I think the '08 might just be able to pull it off.