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2008 Summer Event & New Puki at FairyLand

Jun 10, 2008

    1. 1. Event information

      Event period : June 10, 2008 ~ July 20, 2008

      Event gifts :

      Puki Flora Sleeping Faceplate for customers purchasing over $295*

      MiniFee Soo Dark Elf Head for customers purchasing over $395*

      FeePle Nanuri Head for customers purchasing over $595*

      All three gifts for customers purchasing over $1000*

      * Eligible price for free gifts include total price of the products only, excluding shipping fees.
      ** The event applies to all orders placed in during the event period AND/OR payments received within the event period.

      2. Puki Body sale

      Due to popular demands, pukipuki bodies are now available for separate sale.

      Puki body does not include any faceplates as a default component, but new faceplate "Ani-face" will be given out as a promotional gift until September 2008.

      Please note that FairyLand is unable to offer makeups for Ani-face. Thank you for understanding.

      3. New Pukipuki

      Together with the event, we are pleased to announce the release of new pukipuki 'Cupid' and 'Flora'.

      Puki Cupid had been previously revealed with the sale of puki wigs, but the release of actual puki had been delayed unexpectedly.

      We would like to thank all our customers who have shown much interest and support.


      There are two different sets of Full Packages, as well as Basic versions for the two pukipuki.

      'Loreley'^ and 'Poseidon' have bodies inspired by mermaid and shark that will delight to our customers in a new way.

      However, we would like to let our customers know that the actual processing time may be take longer than the stated processing time due to the difficulties with manufacturing and its coinciding with the event period.

      ^ Default Flora mermaid (Loreley) faceplate is Flora Normal (open-eyed) Face, not Dreaming Face. This is the faceplate that comes with a default makeup. Flora Dreaming Faceplate is included in the package, and the makeup can be ordered additionally.

      Lastly, we would appreciate very much if our customers could please refrain from asking shipping date questions just out of curiosity. We do understand that many customers are interested to know the shipping dates, but it would be more beneficial for the customers if the administrators spend more time on the actual packaging jobs rather than answering numerous shipping questions. Thank you for understanding.

      Do feel free to contact FairyLand if you have any questions or concerns.

      Thank you for your support in FairyLand.

      FairyLand website

      More images of new pukipuki can be seen at the product pages, or Introducing Pukipuki gallery.
    2. 2008 FeePle Nanuri Head

      MiniFee Soo Dark Elf Head

      Flora Sleeping Faceplate
    3. Hello! I have not seen the puki bodies listed on the site. Perhaps they are not yet there? Could you please tell us what the price for the bodies will be?

      Thank you very much.
    4. will the dark elf soo mnf be available seperately later on (either in the a la cart system or as an actual doll) or only as the gift?
    5. Does the Nanuri head have vampire teeth, or does the face-up just make it look like it does?
    6. Do the event gifts come with makeup? or do they have a makeup option?
      Thank you

    7. - Puki body is on Pukipuki page - it's the one with pink maid dress. Since the picture's bit confusing it'll be replaced with just a plain body photo later today.

      - Event head/faceplates do not come with makeup, and makeup option is not available.

      - MiniFee Soo Dark Elf will become available later as MiniFee a la Carte etc. But there are no plans for selling FeePle Nanuri head in the future.

      - FeePle Nanuri does not have vampire fangs.

      - We will try to accomodate (ie. include the event gifts) to the customers who narrowly missed out the event period. :)
    8. Cool an Event ^o^
      So will the Nanuri and Soo Dark Elf come without makeup or with?
      Do you happen to know if they'll be a Cupid and Flora sleeping faceplate available? Cuz I want to buy the full packages but it seems they only offer the winking ones.
    9. Will the Flora dreaming faceplate be available outside of the mermaid fullset?
    10. So if you spend 500.00 say do you get both the puki face and the dark soo elf head?

      Also is the flora dreaming face the same as the free gift Flora sleeping face that comes with the mermaid? if you spend over $295?

      I hope there will be more mer puki in the future in different color and type tails so cute - a sea horse shape would be cute!
    11. With the Mermaid & Shark Do they come with regular Puki bodies/legs as well as the Tails?

    12. This is so cruel *cries*
      Now that I have made up my mind about Piki and Sugar they come out with other adorable PukiPukis..
    13. Bodies are available to buy as separate parts they do not come with the bodies as well. If you see the price you can see they are priced the same as the other full sets.

    14. i was waiting for new pukis since the sets im insane over are sold out and i cant buy them so i was a little disappointed with the shark and mermaid since i want a puki for the posing abilities with the legs and such. i was wondering do you come out with new ones every two months. or do you think the sets that are still on the site will be in stock again and if not why still keep the pictures... it just makes me want them more and they are out of stock lol.
    15. I know the usual answer to this question, but I must ask. Can we select the skin color of the event head if we qualify for it? I have a headless normal skin minifee body and I'd hate to end up with a white skin head. :sweat

      Edit: I got my answer directly from fairyland, and in less than 30 minutes too! Keep impressing me FL and you'll have all my money. XD

    16. I am holding my breath on a reply from Fairyland, in the hopes that they receive my payment today, instead of yesterday. If I have missed it by a single day, when I love the Nanuri head so, I think I may cry.

      Treelore-- If I am reading the announcement on the site correctly, I believe you only get one head, unless you buy over $1000. After that you get all three heads.
    17. The other 2 sets they just came out with are the same head molds as the 2 mermaids, just with normal bodies... so you can still get the new pukis with legs.
    18. Does the FeePle Nanuri head have elf ears or human ears? It's hard to tell under all that fluffy hair. :whee:
    19. Can anyone tell if the 'shark' has typical shark back fin?
      And does the bottom fin move also?
    20. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions

      - It is possible to swap event head gift from higher pricing to lower (ie. FeePle Nanuri -> MiniFee DES head)

      - It is possible to request a specific skin tone by writing on the order comment section of the order. If there is no specific request about the skin tone, the skin tone of Event head/faceplate will match the doll(s) you have ordered.

      - FairyLand is unable to provide makeup for event heads.

      - Photo of FeePle Nanuri head without makeup and wig has been updated. Please see post #2.
      Unfortunately we only have one photo of MiniFee Dark Elf Soo which is already up there.

      - Update of MiniFee Dark Elf Soo head at A la Carte will happen some time after the event period has ended.
      FeePle Nanuri head will not be available for sale separately.

      - We are happy to add event heads to orders that have been placed & paid recently but prior to the event period. If you want to make inquiries about your specific order, please write on CS Center along with your order number.