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2009 Dollzone new 65cm male doll and body foreshow

Nov 12, 2009

    1. Hello everyone

      Dollzone will release new 65cm male doll and body soon...here is the foreshow...to be expected...
    2. are you willing to sell just the body or it will put on sale as doll complete set?
    3. Body will sell separately...
    4. Are these going to be more mature style bodies?
      I'm used to seeing the Old and New body styles, so I'm wondering if these will be different.

      I am looking forward to them. Thank you!
    5. you will see them soon...
    6. Omg!! I'm so excited! I notice jointed hands in the photo... will those become a standard or optional hand? I know the first run of jointed hands were limited. Also, if these are new 65cm bodies, are there any plans for the 60 cm bodies?

      EDIT: Will this body be compatible with 60cm heads or 70cm heads or maybe both?
    7. Jointed hands will be not in standard full-set...maybe will be optional in some conditions...
      The body will be suit for 70cm doll heads...thank you
    8. Will the heads work on the 60 cm body too?
    9. Are they gonna be limited dolls or?
    10. Will the sunglasses be available?
    11. Are you planning to do even a female dolls line of 65Cm taller?
    12. maybe can't...

      Will not be limited dolls...

      Sunglasses is only for taking photos...

      will collect your ideas...maybe will....
    13. Hello Everyone..

      65cm new body and two 65cm doll release today....share more pictures with you...

      This is Brant:

      This is Cosmo:
    14. wow any picture of the body please?
      and they will restock the jointed hands to purchase em with this doll?
      i see miss other two doll to be released, vito & brando?
    15. Would be head,body and outifit avaible separately for sale?
    16. They both comes with jointed hands as well?
      Outfit will be sold separately?
    17. are the heads/bodies interchangeble with the 70cm ones? ><
      please...tell me they are... TT

      LoVEd those heads *__*
    18. So i could get a pair of jointed hands only if i'll order a new 65cm doll?
    19. Hello Tosh
      Pictures of body will follow later soon...

      Hello $abbatha:
      Heads,body,outfits...all sell separatly...
      And one more things...3 items of outfit also can sell separately...you can only purchase a coat or trouser....thank you

      Hello $avage:
      About the jointed hands...you can find release news on our webstie...thank you