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2010 Devious Dolls BJD Cruise 7 days Western Caribbean

May 24, 2009

    1. Announcing the Devious Dolls 2010 BJD Cruise!:fangirl:

      This virgin voyage of the Devious Dolls BJD cruise will be sailing the Caribbean aboard Carnival's Legend on September September 5th 2010 Returning on September 12th 2010. This is a 7day cruise sailing the Western Caribbean.

      The ships Itinerary is as follows for the ship.

      Day ______________________Port of Call________________ Arrive_______Depart
      Sunday, Sept 05th___________Tampa, FL ___________________________4:00pm
      Monday, Sept 06th___________________Fun day at Sea______________________
      Tuesday, Sept 07th_______Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands___7:00am______4:00pm
      Wednesday, Sept 08th_______Cozumel, Mexico____________10:00am______6:00pm
      Thursday, Sept 09th____________Belize___________________8:00am___ __5:00pm
      Friday, Sept 10th___________Isla Roatan_________________8:00am_____ 3:00pm
      Saturday, Sept 11th___________________Fun day at Sea______________________
      Sunday, Sept 12th____________Tampa, FL________________8:00am

      Our event schedule has yet to be set as I am awaiting the tour of the ship and the meeting with the crew first.

      Please feel free to contact me at any time or check the web site for current rates for 1st & 2nd passengers as well as 3rd and 4th passenger fairs.

      ***I also offer a NON-doll rate for people who wish to sail with us but are not interested in the doll events. Please contact me directly for the rates for this.

      I have worked with the cruise line and have talked them into offering us a Discounted deposit of $50 per person for a limited time. The full deposit amount is $250 and cabin numbers will be assigned after the full deposit has been paid. If you are booking a cabin with more then two people sailing the full $250 per person deposit applys to all who are sailing in that cabin no discounted deposit will be permited. All deposits are Non-refundable. The remaining balance can be paid in full at a later time or you can pay a bit at a time, meaning layaway type payments. Payment may be made via the web site, by phone or by mail at any time.

      YOU NEED NOT TO HAVE A ROOM MATE PICKED OUT TO REGISTER. Room mates can be added at any time!

      Currently you will receive as a part of your package you will recive the following per room :
      $50.00 Ship board credit per cabin (this can be used for anything on board including the Spa!)
      A box of Chocolates and a bottle of Campaign per cabin.
      (more may be added later)

      I highly recommend getting travel insurance when you book. Travel insurance rates are based off the age of the person and the length of the trip. This is very cost effective! If there is a natural disaster, a death or illness in the family you will be

      You can now go to http://www.cruisesforu.com/rw/group/Devious+Dolls+2010 and book your cabin(s). PLEASE do not bug them with questions about our group as they DO NOT have information on it other then general cruise info. Sherry the owner is a long time friend who I worked for a few years back and is being kind enough to help us with this. If you have questions PLEASE pm me.. (sorry I tried to hyper link it but its not working)

      When Reg. please include that you are paying the $50 deposit, if you are seeking a room mate or not and what your DOA name is PLEASE!

      Based off current interests levels I will be offering One doll as a giviaway per every 10 people who book.
      Do the math, if we have 50 people sailing that’s 5 dolls and so on.. If our group is much large I may reset the ratios to a lower
      number but only time will tell. I am unsure what dolls will be given away at this time but as they are bought I will post "who" they are. I do plan on getting a mix of sizes from tinys to SD and larger so that I have something available that will interests everyone.
      I will also have many other prizes and gifts to give out during our trip. I have many other prizes and give away to give out thro out the trip as well. No one will go home empty handed.

      I am currently working with quite a few un named doll companies for sponsorship. I will post information as it becomes available to me.

      I have a Company that we will be using for our shore excurion. Please visit Shore Trips for a listing of shore excursion available. We use them because they tend to be much cheaper then the cruise line them selves.


      If there is a large amount of interests in any of the trips we can book them as privet trips.

      Please visit our Thread here for our New forum conversation